Here is the trailer announcing the remake of The Last of Us for PlayStation 5

Ecco il trailer che annuncia il remake di The Last of Us per PlayStation 5 e PC thumbnail

Almost 10 years after its original release on PlayStation 3, Sony today announces that The Last Of Us: Part I will also arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC. Since its original release, back in 2013, the game has become a true icon of videogame culture, and beyond. To the point that a TV series dedicated to the incredible story of Joel and Ellie is also on the way. An exciting historical period therefore, for videogame fans.

The new trailer for The Last of Us on PS5

The remake on PlayStation 5 will allow Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Naughty Dog to make the most of the graphics power of the new-gen console. There are therefore all the conditions for what could be a small masterpiece. And since if the news alone is not enough to make nostalgic tears flow from the eyes of the video game fans, here is the announcement trailer.

The story of the game is set in one post-apocalyptic scenario, 20 years after the beginning of a zombie outbreak on Earth. These creatures, called Infected, were affected by a parasite born from the mutation of the fungus Cordyceps, which now infects and kills humans as well as animals. The protagonists of the videogame are Joel ed Ellietwo strangers who will find themselves having to establish a strong bond, learning to trust each other. Joel is a smuggler who knew the world before the apocalypse and who during the early stages of the catastrophe lost his daughter while Ellie – which has only 14 years – was born in the midst of the spread of the parasite.

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