Best programs to enhance photos automatically

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In this mini-guide we will show you 3 of the best programs to improve photos automatically

We all strive to make our images perfect. But it is a process that takes time and resources. Fortunately, there are programs that help us even without being great experts: i automatic photo editing software.

With programs like this, you can correct almost any flaw in your shot practically immediately. Sounds like magic? In reality, it is alone thanks to artificial intelligence that works for us. The market is overflowing with AI-powered photo editors right now, so it may be hard to find the perfect tool. To make your search a little easier, we’ve compiled a little roundup of the best auto photo editors. Take a look at the programs on your list and choose an option that suits you. And now let’s see all the details!

Best programs to enhance photos automatically

PhotoWorks | Best programs to enhance photos automatically

First of all, we recommend an automatic photo correction program called PhotoWorks. This software is a pleasant find for people of all abilities and aspirations. PhotoWorks is equipped with an advanced neural networkmulti-level functioning and continuous learning.

First of all, there is an automatic enhancement feature. After opening the image in PhotoWorks and clicking on AutoCorrect, the program’s AI can interpret the content it will analyze the image and find the best solution for it. You can even adjust which aspects of your photo you would like to change and which you don’t.

AI can be used extensively in portrait retouching for example. PhotoWorks comes with an automatic enhancement module that allows you to perfect your portraits with one click. Eliminate blemishes, evens skin, whiten teeth and so on – all changes will look natural. PhotoWorks also offers a semi-automatic tool for changing the background. It will take you a few clicks to remove the background of the photo and replace it with an image of your choice.

PhotoWorks offre elaborazione in batch, unwanted object removal, over 200 filters and many other useful features. There are also tons of hand tools that will help you improve your image in terms of color, dynamic range, composition and digital noise.
The software is reasonably priced and can also run on low-end PCs.

Best programs to enhance photos automatically

PhotoScape X | Best programs to enhance photos automatically

Next on our list is PhotoScape X. It’s more of a software suite than a standalone program, as PhotoScape X has separate modules for photo editing, batch processing, cataloging, collage making and GIF makingecc.

But let’s focus on enhancing the photos. The software offers a myriad of automatic functions ranging from automatic level adjustment to filter applications.

The software comes with a number of preset enhancement functions which affect colors, noise, white balance and temperature. There are also semi-automatic tools for portrait retouching and background changing. All in all, PhotoScape X is a fairly functional photo enhancement program. There are some negatives, like the reactivity not always at the top and the lack of truly advanced tools. It also features Korean symbols here and there instead of English texts.

Best programs to enhance photos automatically

Pixlr | Best programs to enhance photos automatically

To conclude our roundup there is Pixlr, a web-based Photoshop clone. It has a very similar toolkit, but also a big difference from the giant from Adobe: this automatic photo correction program is totally free. As for automatic features, Pixlr has quite a few.

They include easy selection tools that will help you move, copy or delete certain parts of your image. The portrait retouching tools are semi-automatic and come with a feature such as Healing Brush and Clone Stamp. There are also easy-to-apply filters for quick image stylization. The basic improvements can be modulated with sliders, possibly following the suggestions of the intelligent artificial intelligence present within the software.

Pixlr may confuse newbies as it is very similar to Photoshop. Another downside to the editor is the continuos pop-up ads that may distract you from your creative process. However, Pixlr is free and fairly feature-rich, so ads aren’t a big deal.

Best programs to enhance photos automatically


Well now you know a handful of programs to enhance photos automatically. This means that you no longer need to work for hours with your images and you can spend the time you’ve saved by doing something you really love: taking more photos and getting better at the craft of photography. That’s all from the software section, keep following us!