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Here’s how to deduct the car tax from 730

Among the taxes is the car taxhere’s how to deduct it from the model 730. Whoever owns a car is obliged to pay the car tax. The cost of car ownership tax varies according to the power in kWfrom the environmental class and some tariffs applied by regions.

However there are cases where you can ask for a refund, exemption or reduction car tax.

Car stamp, who is entitled to a refund

You can make a refund request stamp auto in the following three casthe. So when you have a double paymentand overpayment o one payment not due.

To ask for the amount paid it is necessary to present a paper application o send a PEC to the tax offices of the region of residence. Naturally, the personal data and the methods for obtaining the refund are entered on the form.

Furthermore, the following must be attached to the request: the receipt of the payment of the tax. The copy in case a double payment has been made or the copy of the receipt in case of an excess.

Car tax, who is entitled to exemption

While as regards the possibility of accessing the exemptions, people can benefit from them: with severe disabilities, parents from the people with serious disability. In addition: relatives or in-laws within the second degree of the severely disabled person. Third-degree relatives or in-laws, if the person disabled have accomplished 65 years old that’s it carries disabling pathologies.

Also, they can apply for exemption from car tax, people who have a dependent family member, whose income does not exceed 2,840.51 euros. Included are people who benefit from Law 104.

Vehicles which are petrol-powered with an engine capacity exceeding 2,000 cc and diesel-powered vehicles exceeding 2,800 cc are not included in the exemption. They can be exempt from paying the car taxEven the electric cars and that they have more than 30 yearsi.

Car tax, here's how to deduct it from the 730 model, source PixabayCar tax, here’s how to deduct it from the 730 model, source Pixabay

In the event that acar has passed far the 30 yearsyou need to submit an application for membership Historical register. Not only that, he will have to pay a flat-rate amount that fluctuates between 11 and 30 euros (this depends on the region you belong to).

For those who have one electric car the exemption goes by 3 to 5 years it depends on the region. Only the Piedmont and the Lombardy they are the only ones to have abolished the car tax.

Car tax, how to deduct it from the 730

The 730 model, every year, gives the possibility of being able to deduct the car expenses. Among these are the car tax for some categories fueled by GPL o electric. Also, to pay less, it is advisable to buy a car belonging to the class between Euro 4 and Euro 6.

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