Here’s how Two Point Campus celebrates Pride Month 2022

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To show your support for the LGBTQ + community, Two Point Studios e SEGA bring the rainbow colors to Two Point Campus for Pride Month 2022. It will arrive a new item packwhich will be available on PC and console starting from 9 August 2022the day the game will be released.

And that’s not all: today, June 28, 2022, SEGA and Two Point Studios will hold a streaming event to commemorate the anniversary of the Moti at Stonewall. The live, in addition to raising awareness on the subject, will be used to raise funds to be allocated Mermaids. The latter is a charity that helps young transgender, nonbinary, gender-diverse people and their families.

The new objects of Two Point Campus to celebrate Pride

The fundraiser was promoted by SEGA Pride (an internal group of SEGA employees). They have decided to raise money for the UK-based charity Mermaids. For the occasion, SEGA Pride has collaborated with 50 streamers globally, on a voluntary basis, to raise awareness on the topic. The collaboration is also aimed at raising funds for transgender and nonbinary people. The total result is a fund of ben 16.000 £. Also today, June 28 at 20:00, SEGA Pride members will stream Two Point Campus for the first time ever. The live broadcast will be streamed on SEGA’s Twitch channel and users will be able to donate to the fundraising campaign at this address.

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TPC Pride Month

The rainbow-themed item pack will include colorful and decorative items. These can be used on your campus and will include: such as wallpaper, bed sheets, a rug and a Pride flag. The pack will automatically be included on PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC when the game launches on August 9th.

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