Ecco cosa può fare Astro, l

Here’s what Astro, Amazon’s adorable robot, can do

Recently, users have started showing, through photos and videos, what the smart home robot Of Amazon, Astro, is really capable of doing. For now we understand that it is a really lovely robot which, among other things, he is able to bring us beer. Let’s find out all the details together.

Introducing Astro, the adorable Amazon robot

Surprisingly, despite Amazon starting a ship the device last November, only a couple of videos have surfaced so far. For example, the user Bob Rekieta uploaded this video of his Astro walking away afterwards asking him for a beer. Presumably someone gave him a hand, as this device has no hands. In short, he is already adorable: can’t have it all.

Then Astro is told to “find Celeste”, and we see the robot tilt its screen in disarming way as he looks around with his circular eyes. He then carries out the order and concludes with a sweet “Heavenly hello” on her screen as he watches her.

Matthew Nereima fifth-grade teacher in Florida, told Bloomberg about hers experiences with the Astro robot which he received a couple of months ago. Nereim told Bloomberg that he likes to control the robot since his phone.

“It’s like your own little R2-D2,” Nereim told Bloomberg. “My friends and family think he’s hilarious. They say, ‘This thing follows you?’ ”.

However, there are some minor problems. For example, the robot gets confused when looking for his charging base and whenever approaches the stairs, Nereim said. Fortunately, though, he never tried to jump down from the stairs. Nereim also told Bloomberg that, according to him, the retail price of $ 1,449.99 it’s a bit much for what you get. In his opinion, 700 dollars it may be a more reasonable price.

The intelligent robot of society

Announced in September 2021, Astro is Amazon’s first home robot and is currently available for purchase through an referral program $ 999. It’s about the program Beta Day 1 on Amazonthanks to which users have the possibility to send feedback to help improve the device before it goes on sale.

Amazon does not release sales data but the company spokesperson, Patrick Santucci, he told The Verge that “they are receiving positive feedback and learning a lot about how customers want to use a consumer robot.” She also said it is still too early to reveal when the device is available to everyone.

Astro is a robot equipped with camera on wheels. You can access one live view of its video feed from the Astro app, to check its movements at a distance, e speak e to listen through its speakers and microphones.

It can act like arhome security obot e send an alarm when he sees a person he doesn’t know. With a subscription to the plan Ring Protect Proyou can access the video history for up to 60 days and program the robot for autonomously patrol the area.

Astro can also learn the layout of your home and obey commands for go to a specific room. Can also recognize faces e to deliver objects to a specific person. Like a smart display, it can play musicshow the time e reply to the questions.

Video calling is also available with one 5 megapixel cameraand Amazon said it plans to work with third-party accessories to log data such as the blood pressure. The company finally revealed that, along with the service Alexa Togetherthe robot can be “potentially useful for remote care of elderly people”.

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