Ecco la nuova demo giocabile di Crossfire: Legion in vista dello Steam Next Fest thumbnail

Crossfire: Legion – Here is the playable demo ahead of the Steam Next Fest

Crossfire: Legion reveals the third faction – called New Horizon – and makes available a new playable live demo.

New Horizon: unveiled the third faction of Crossfire: Legion

Good news for gamers looking forward to getting their hands on Crossfire: Legiona new real-time strategy (RTS) video game developed by Blackbird Interactive. In fact, a playable build is now available for the Steam Next Fest. Players will thus be able to try their hand at three challenging maps, through the most disparate environments, and choose one of the three factions to take command. And here comes another novelty: the announcement of the mysterious third faction. The first two, in fact, had already been announced, and are:

  • Global Risk – a mercenary organization commissioned by world governments to resolve global cases and disputes while maintaining control over the planet’s resources.
  • Black List – a group of separatist mercenaries and secret members disillusioned with the corrupt policies of Global Risk.

The third, announced today, is the New Horizon. It is a global union of companies that have one common goal: progress at all costs. Artificial intelligence fanatics, I want to implement AI at all costs.

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