Here’s what the iPhone 14 Pro Max will look like

Ecco come sarà l'iPhone 14 Pro Max thumbnail

Good news for Apple lovers. YouTuber Unbox Therapy showed in a video a one-to-one replica of theiPhone 14 Pro Max, showing what Apple’s new smartphone will look like. So let’s go find out all the details.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Unbox Therapy svela lo smartphone in anteprima

Unbox Therapy has revealed some interesting details about the new high-end smartphone from Apple, revealing its design and technical features in preview. Apparently, we will have a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro and a iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7-inch – exactly as with the current series -. The new Pro models, however, will be equipped with two cutouts in the display: one in the shape of a pill and one circular, to accommodate respectively the Face ID and the front camera. Precisely for this reason, it seems that smartphones will have thinner bezels to make room for cutouts. Not surprisingly, the Unbox Therapy video clearly shows an iPhone that responds to these characteristics. Indeed, there would appear to be no antenna bands on the sides of the device. And the power and volume buttons would look bigger.

Beyond that, the iPhone 14 Pro Max shown in the video responds to all of the features already anticipated by 91Mobiles, Max Weinbach and ShrimpApplePro. The smartphone appears to be slightly thicker than the current model, and the rear camera is actually more protruding than it is now. On the other hand, according to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the increased dimensions of the rear array would depend on the very new Wide 48 MP cameras. Apparently, these will be exclusive to the Pro models of the new iPhone series and will allow the registration of video 8K, effectively offering a major improvement to users. If playing Unbox Therapy were truly viable, then this would mean that iPhone 13 Pro users will find themselves on the market a smartphone very similar to the one they own. With some interesting tweaks to improve its performance, that’s clear.

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