The best holiday destinations for 2022? Alexa and Lonely Planet suggest them to us

Le migliori mete per le vacanze 2022? Ce le suggeriscono Alexa e Lonely Planet thumbnail

The 2022 holidays are almost upon us, and between those who prefer sea and those who prefer mountains, it is time to choose the destinations for the summer. In this regard, Alexa and Lonely Planet help us, which suggest Italian, European and international places to visit. After all, traveling means immersing oneself in cultures and traditions, and the choice can therefore culturally enrich the traveler. To get suggestions, from today, just ask “Alexa, where could I go on vacation?”

Alexa, where to spend the holidays 2022?

If there is someone – or something – who can help us choose, then this someone-dares is Alexa. In fact, just ask: “Alexa, where could I go on vacation?”, and then let yourself be guided through the ideal choice. We will also be able to give input to the voice assistant, indicating our passions, our interests and the available budget.

“Alexa entered the homes of customers in Italy just over 3 years ago, becoming a real additional member of the family day after day. This year, thanks to the collaboration with Lonely Planet, Alexa becomes the perfect travel consultant to offer suggestions tailored to users“, he claims Giacomo Costantini, Business Development Manager of Amazon Alexa.

All that remains is to pack your suitcase then, and rely on the greatest travel expert we have at home: thanks Alexa, let us travel.