Hertz expands its electric fleet in Italy

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A new step towards electric mobility: Hertz Italy enriches your own electrified fleet. The company has found agreements with manufacturers such as Tesla e Stellaris to offer a wide choice of cars, including made in Italy, all with electric motors. And on the site Hertz publishes a guide to electric to facilitate choices for customers.

Hertz expands its electric fleet in Italy

A renewed fleet, with vehicles full-hybrid and plug-in, up to 100% cars electric. To allow all Hertz Guests to test the new technologies, it has also created an ad hoc guide for having no doubts about how to manage your electric vehicle.

You will also find the app in the package Shell Recharge (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) to identify the charging points. Also finding free recharge points.

The General Manager and CEO of Hertz Italia, Massimiliano Archiapatti, explains the importance of this choice. “This is a profound change that impacts the sphere of daily habits. A cultural revolution which has been in place for several years and of which we are now seeing tangible results through the new trends of a market that is changing “. And he concludes: “Our rental industry, based precisely on this, has played an important role in maturation of this new approach to mobility. “

With global agreements with companies such as Polestar e Tesla, Hertz has secured some of the best electric cars around. Teslas are found in Hertz’s Premium selection, with the Long Range version for maximum range. The rental includes free recharging in supercharger del brand.

The agreement with Stellaris instead brings the Peugeot e-208 and e-2008 and the Fiat 500e which enters the Italian Selection for those who want to use Italian cars.

Those who do not feel ready for 100% electric driving can opt for cars from brands like T.oyota, Link & Co e Stellantis for hybrid driving, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Find more information here.

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