Hertz focuses on electric mobility with an investment in UFODRIVE

Hertz punta sulla mobilità elettrica con un importante investimento in UFODRIVE thumbnail

Hertz aims to become, more and more, a reference for the future of mobility and the new investment in UFODRIVE confirms the company’s commitment. UFODRIVE is the main eMobility services player in Europe and offers self-service rental solutions. Hertz’s investment in UFODRIVE therefore represents an important step forward for the company that aims to increase its commitment to electric mobility. Here are all the details regarding Hertz’s future plans:

Hertz expands its commitment to electric mobility with an investment in UFODRIVE

UFODRIVE is the first fully digital and electric car rental service controlled by an app. Thanks to the partnership with UFODRIVE, Hertz aims to take an important step forward in the program of creation of a modern ecosystem for mobility and to support the diffusion of zero-emission solutions for the future of the entire sector. Hertz emphasizes that at the heart of his strategy is a dynamic and continuous approach towards innovation and a commitment to identify the most advanced technologies to improve the rental experience, both digital and EV-centric.

The goal is a global spread

Hertz aims to achieve a global uptake of UFODRIVE’s market-leading technology. The goal is to improve EV rental and fleet management operations. The strategic partnership, in the USA and Europe, will allow Hertz to offer a fully digital rental experience using the UFO DRIVE SaaS platform to the full.

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