Persona 5: leak reveals a spin-off based on detective Goro Akechi

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A leak would have recently revealed the arrival of a spin-off game focused on the investigative career of Goro Akechi, one of the characters of Persona 5

Over the years, the Persona series, born as a sort of spin-off of the main Shin Megami Tensei franchise, has reached peaks hardly imaginable. Seeing a generally niche series like this explode in the West has certainly given new life to two of the most important Atlus series, and undoubtedly it was also unleashed. the big contribution brought by Persona 5. With this title Atlus and SEGA have also pushed the boundaries that they had initially imposed, also exporting the spin-off Persona 5 Strikers on PC and Switch, and adding for the first time one of the most successful chapters in the series, Persona 4 Golden, on Steam. These new directions undertaken have thus given rise to numerous rumors about the possible next steps that could be taken in the future; one of these, it seems, would also be a further spin-off of Persona 5, this time centered on one of the most important characters of the title, il detective Goro Akechi.

Will Goro Akechi be the star of the next Persona 5 spin-off?

The creation of secondary titles more or less linked to chapters of Persona is not a new thing for fans: in fact, let’s think about the numerous rythm game that Atlus churned out shortly after the release of Persona 5, or ai “crossover” games of Persona Q who have twice grouped the cast of Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5. These are mostly works aimed at fanservice, but as long as people appreciate them, Atlus is unlikely to want to change tactics. However, the idea of ​​having a spin-off focusing only on Persona 5’s Goro Akechi seems rather bizarre. But, according to a leak released by Zippo, this is exactly what would be planned. It must be said that Zippo has already spread several rumors about it futuri remake o remaster of the Persona titles, and previously anticipated (and got it right) the announcement of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for Switch.

Persona 5: leak reveals a spin-off based on detective Goro Akechi

Zippo describes this new game with gameplay not characterized by the usual turn-based combat in person; rather, it will focus on the adventures and skills of the renowned detective. In addition to this, Zippo has not proceeded to add further information, such as when the game could possibly be revealed, or if perhaps it could focus on a very specific style of play. in stile Ace Attorney or, why not, something more crazy come Danganronpa. In any case, not all fans have taken this news well: by playing Persona 5 it is possible to see the real face of Akechi, and also to know the most hidden shadows that lie behind the cases he solved. In short, there are profound doubts about the veracity of this leak, but it still appears as an interesting option in the eyes of the most faithful to the character.

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