Hideo Kojima: in 2022 he will work on a “radical project”

Hideo Kojima just wished you a good one 2022 to all his fans on Twitter and, for the occasion, he took the opportunity to reveal that he had several projects in mind: according to the designer, one of these would even be a “radical project“, Which he defined as the next level of experimentation in the videogame field. Definitely strong words, but which we do not doubt are true, given Kojima’s curriculum.

Hideo Kojima is working on a radical project

Metal Gear’s dad e Death Stranding does not appear to intend to remain idle in 2022, as evidenced by his shared words on Twitter:

“This year, I’m going to seriously start a new job, and move on to the next level of experimentation with a radical project. I also hope to get the video team started. And could I start doing something like a radio project? ”.

We remind you in this regard that the designer had already declared a few days ago that he has two different video games in development at his studios, one defined as a great triple A project and the other as a title whose development would have represented one challenge for the whole team. Given his new statement, it would be reasonable to imagine that the creative was referring to the second game when he mentioned the new radical project.

Anyway Kojima has also confirmed that he wants to get close to other forms of art and entertainment, therefore the message in question may not even refer to the videogame world. In fact, the director has always been fascinated by the world of cinema and it would not be strange to see his foray into this sector as well.

Unfortunately, however, the information at our disposal ends here, so the only certainty we have at the moment is that Hideo Kojima intends to work hard for this 2022, which we cannot be happier about.