Microsoft Exchange: 2022 begins with a bug that causes emails to be blocked

Microsoft Exchange: il 2022 inizia con un bug che causa il blocco delle mail thumbnail

With the arrival of the new year Microsoft has had to deal with new annoying bug, which prevents the servers from Microsoft Exchange to send the mail correctly. Fortunately, the Redmond giant has already identified the fulcrum of the problem, offering users a fix to make your e-mail operational again: here’s how.

Microsoft Exchange: a bug causes emails to be blocked

“The problem originates from a date check error due to the start of the new year but it is not an AV engine error per se,” Microsoft explains in a forum post of its Community Tech. “The checks on the various files sent are causing a malfunction of the malware engine, resulting in blocking of messages arriving in your mail”.

Microsoft also outlines a solution to the problem in its post, which is to require administrators to implement the fix manually or apply one automatic script. The post also contains a detailed FAQ, noting that the solution may take some time to implement. Also, depending on how many emails there are blocked in queue, it may take even longer for messages to arrive in recipients’ inboxes.

The problems began to arise at midnight on January 1st when an Exchange admin on Reddit called attention to the problem. As explained by Bleeping Computer, administrators started noticing error messages in the Exchange Server, and they started working on it right away to try to resolve the situation.

Fortunately, they managed to find a solution in a short time, even if we can certainly say that 2022 did not start under a lucky star for Microsoft Exchange and all its users.