Hideo Kojima: the director is perhaps working on a new game with Norman Reedus

A new game from Hideo Kojima may be in development, including a return of Norman Reedus

During the week, Hideo Kojima was able to achieve another of the most important goals in his entire career as a director, opening a new studio belonging to Kojima Productions in Los Angeles, California. What makes this expansion of his company special is how the new section will not be based on exclusive video game development.

The purpose of this American venue will in fact be to create a more expanded universe of the works of the videogame house, aiming at creation of audiovisual media, which will extend from movies and TV series to music as well. Furthermore, it seems that the real surprises are yet to be revealed: at least this is what one thinks after seeing what it might be. be an advance of the new game by Hideo Kojima, which will also have Norman Reedus in it.

Possible return of Norman Reedus in a new game by Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding, his first work developed after founding his own studio, returned to prominence this year in the form of Director’s Cut, bringing a vast number of additional details into the original title, along with side stories and some features. Yet, since the beginning of 2021 there were actually rumors about the possible works for a second chapter, especially following the words of the leading actor who would have confirmed how there were “negotiations” about it.

Hideo Kojima: the director is perhaps working on a new game with Norman Reedus

Now the hypothesis of a new game is being considered following a tweet published in the past few hours, where Hideo Kojima would have attached an image with inside a man wearing a white T-shirt, black boots, and who seems to be Norman himself Reedus. In the tweet in question there is also a comment from the director, who claims to have “recently revised the plan and script, and experimented with everything else.”

Among the answers, there is also an “inquisitive gaze” by Geoff Keighley, the host of the increasingly upcoming The Game Awards 2021. We do not know if this could mean a possible future announcement by the Japanese creator, and therefore we are left with nothing else. than to wait for further developments. We recall how some previous rumors also supported it development of two exclusives, one for Xbox and one for PlayStation, which also included making a new Silent Hill with Reedus.

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