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Alpine A110 2022, the purest sports car reaches 300 hp and is more technological

Alpine is a brand loved by the most hardcore sports car enthusiasts, and its lightweight and agile cars are in the Olympus of European sports cars. After his return in 2017 with the reincarnation of the legendary A110, today the sports house of the Renault Group renews his workhorse. Alpine A110 2022 is more technological, more powerful and able to satisfy the wishes of all customers with three distinct versions, from the pure A110 to the A110S runway. So let’s find out all the news on one of the most enjoyable modern sports cars to drive. Are you ready?

Alpine A110, the return of an icon made of lightness and driving pleasure for the relaunch of the House

Alpine is one of those famous brands for true motor enthusiasts but perhaps a little less known by the casual enthusiast. For those wondering why this manufacturer and its current flagship car, the A110, are so popular, it is necessary to do a excursus on the history of the French company. Founded a Dieppe, in Normandy, in 1955 by the entrepreneur and pilot Jean Rédélé, Alpine has always been closely tied to Renault. Rédélé was in fact the owner of a Renault dealership, and his first cars were built on the basis of models of the French company. After the first A106, built on the basis of the Renault 4CV and designed by Giovanni Michelotti, Alpine wowed the world with its most famous automobile, the A110.

Also designed by the famous Turin designer, the A110 was built on the basis of the Renault 8, but compared to the modest rear-engined subcompact it sported a featherweight of only 625 kg, thanks to the fiberglass bodywork and a timeless line drawn by the wonderful pen of Michelotti. Beautiful but above all fast, the A110 prevailed in rallies by winning the World Championship in 1973. After that exploit, however, after the oil crisis and the ruthless competition from competing models, Alpine began its decline. Acquired in 1978 by Renault, in 1995 after the A610 the Dieppe company disappeared. In the last decade, however, the surprise: in 2012 in fact, the then President of the Renault Group, Carlos Ghosn, announced the return of Alpine.

The return had to materialize together with the English House Caterham, so much so that the company was called Alpine-Caterham. The English House, however, in 2014 he slipped from the project, leaving Renault alone to continue the return of the house. In 2017, the first model of the new Alpine course arrived, the new A110. It could only be she who brought back the House of Dieppe, betting on the same cards as the legendary first generation. The style is completely inspired by Michelotti’s legendary A110, and so too mechanical scheme is the same: the engine is rear, as well as the traction, and is derived from Renault production.

The body, however, is safer and more rigid aluminium alloy, the gearbox is automatic with double clutch and the weight it is very low for a 250 HP GT: we are talking about 1.102 kg, lower than many compacts of Segment B. After the comeback, Alpine continued its relaunch: in 2021 the Dieppe company made its Formula 1 debut, taking over from Team Renault. In its first year, close to the regulatory change, the French team is firmly in fifth place in the Constructors’ classification, capable of obtaining a podium at the Qatar GP with Fernando Alonso and, above all, the first unexpected victory in Formula 1 with Esteban Ocon in Hungary. Alpine’s future is already sealed, and will play a leading role within the Renault Group. Before arriving at this future, however, there is room for aupgrade to the princess of the house, A110.

The new Alpine A110 2022: base and aesthetics remain, fortunately, unchanged. Now there’s more tech, and crazy Launch Control

After 5 years from the launch of the first version, the new Alpine A110 2022. The changes to the original design are actually few, but targeted. The A110 project has in fact been less successful than it deserves for its goodness. Despite in fact one timeless line, very low weight and a driving experience that is a reference, some small details of the A110 stopped its success. For this, Alpine does the trick to its sports car by refining its characteristics to launch the attack on rivals Lotus Emira, Porsche 718 and Audi TT.

Let’s start immediately with the things that haven’t changed, like theappearance. The lines of Michelotti’s A110 have been respected and modernized without losing the distinctive features of the original project: the four headlights, the short and recognizable rear, the compactness of the car. Even the mechanics have remained almost unchanged: at the rear we always find the 1.8 4-cylinder turbocharged Renault Mégane RS, coupled to a 7-speed double clutch automatic transmission made by Getrag. The traction is always rear, the weight is always reduced but there are some small mechanical innovations that deserve to be mentioned.

Alpine has not made any changes to the set-up and suspension, which remain double triangles superimposed both in front and behind. The biggest advantage of the A110 has always been the incredible set-up and the dynamic, flawless behavior. Therefore, in Alpine they have refined details and added features that were previously lacking. Eg, now for the more powerful versions there are 300 hp, and a gearbox with seventh power. In addition, the Launch Control has a very special feature: when activated, the 1.8 turns off a cylinder. In this way, the sound of the “three-cylinder” car is reminiscent of that of a rally car, for a solution that I personally had never seen.

Also atindoor Alpine A110 2022 changes little. The passenger compartment with two dry seats remains unchanged, with a good availability of space even for the tallest, not always guaranteed in such sporty cars. While there have been no changes from the point of view of materials and space, Alpine has made the most requested modification by all car customers. The previous infotainment system was finally replaced with a new 7-inch screen that integrates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is a feature that has been in demand since the debut of the A110, which can finally count on a modern, functional entertainment system capable of satisfying the car’s grand touring soul. In this way it is also able to make better use of the stereo system of the Focal equipped, on request, with tweeter and subwoofer.

The new 2022 versions: Alpine A110, A110 GT and A110S. The original, the gran turismo and the runway

The big news of the Alpine A110 2022 range, however, is the abandonment of the Pure and Légende versions. ORhe Alpine A110 2022 range revolves around three distinct models: A110, A110 GT and A110 S, respectively the original recipe, the gran turismo and the sportier and more performance-oriented version.. Let’s start from A110 smooth, which confirms the original recipe of the Dieppe car.

Equipped with Alpine frame, that is the one with the calibration of springs, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars more civil and suitable for everyday life, the A110 confirms the power of 252 CV and 320 Nm of torque from its 1.8 turbo. The rims are 17-inch rims with 205/45 tires at the front and 235/45 at the rear, the seats are Sabelt with two-way adjustments and the weight is the lowest in the A110 range, 1.102 kg. Despite being the “basic” version, the performance are of absolute level: 0-100 km / h acceleration in 4.5 s and 250 km / h top speed.

Let’s move on to the A110 GT, the version that wants to combine the versatility and elegance of the normal A110 with the sportiness of the more extreme A110 S. Il motor it is in fact decidedly more handsome, and so onondiviso with the A110 S. The 1.8 turbo in fact delivers 300 hp and 340 Nm of torque, and the 7-speed Getrag gearbox has a power seventh, and not rest like on the normal A110. The frame is always the softest Alpine, while the interior features Sabelt seats devoted to Comfort and 6-way adjustable, front and rear parking sensors and leather upholstery with contrasting stitching. From a technical point of view, however, there are also one Active sports exhaust as standard, increased brakes from 296 to 320 mm and 18-inch wheels.

The novelty within the range is the new Alpine A110 S, definitely different from the previous S we have seen in recent months. Now in fact the new S has 300 hp, like the GT, but it is even more devoted to performance. In addition to the internal aesthetic features with orange belts, aluminum pedals and the possibility of having microfiber seats and six-point belts, the A110 S is dedicated to pure performance. The 18-inch wheels are fitted with semi-slick tires, the excellent ones Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, and arrive at a rear diameter of 245/35. In option, then, it is possible to choose theAero Pack.

This it includes a fully faired underbody, a front blade and a rear wing in carbon fiber, making this version the first A110 to feature a rear wing. These tricks allow A110 S to get to 275 km / h top speed, and to have one at this speed overall downforce of 141 kg. Everything is then seasoned with a weight reduced to 1.102 kg, like the “classic” A110, and from Sport frame, consisting of 4 mm lowered suspension, hollow anti-roll bars and stiffer by 100%, springs stiffer by 50% and dampers and steering recalibrated.

How much do the new Alpine A110 2022 cost? And what will the future of the brand be?

These then are the news of the new Alpine A110 2022. The Dieppe sportswoman thus receives a mid-career restyling that maintains the strong points of the project, eliminating its shortcomingsthe. Alpine has high hopes for its A110, which will be the first model in its new history. Alpine’s future is indeed full of models that respond to a new creed: electrification. All new models made by Alpine in the future will in fact be fully electric.

Because of this, the replacement for the A110 will arrive in 2025 and will be made in collaboration with a sports car giant, Lotus. After her, there will also be one compact segment B built on the CMF EV platform, spiritual heir of the Renault 5 Alpine of the 70s. Together with these two models, an S will also arriveC-segment sports UV and other models, always 100% electric.

For those who want to choose Alpine already today, the choice can only fall on …

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