High Definition Streaming Movies: A constant flow of online fun

High Definition Streaming Movies: A constant flow of online fun

To promote the spread of home made entertainment, several large streaming platforms have thought of us, let’s find out how

Today it is quite easy for anyone to see a streaming movies in high definition. After all, you just need a fairly stable and fast internet connection and a device that supports video and audio playback (PC, tablet, smartphone) and that’s it. Despite all this simplicity, not everyone still has a clear idea of ​​what streaming is and how it works. Many (almost all to tell the truth) use it every day unknowingly. They play movies, TV series, music clips, etc… With a simple click on the button play , but it ignores the mechanics of the actual functioning behind this whole system. On the other hand, making technology accessible also means this, that is, making it so easy to use, that most people don’t even wonder how it works and just exploit it.

To promote the spread of home made entertainment, we thought of several large streaming platforms such as, for example, altadefinizione.cheap, Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, Infinity, etc … which make thousands of very interesting titles and video content available every day. So just choose what you want to see and with a click, anywhere and at any time, the cinema enters our homes.

Streaming: mystery revealed!

So let’s try to better understand how this magic is possible. The streaming nothing more than the immediate reproduction of video and audio content, without having to wait for the file to be viewed to be completely downloaded. It seems trivial, but until recently this triviality was not really possible. Anyone who has lived through the analogue era, or that of transition between analogue and digital, certainly remembers very well the terrible waits to download files. Minutes, hours, even days to be able to “pull down”A movie rather than a tv series. An endless and exhausting wait.

The new generations certainly do not remember and do not know this tedium. Today everything is smarter, more practical, faster and more instant. So also get to see a streaming movies in high definition it is a rather trivial operation. But let’s see what’s behind it.

To work for us is the buffering. In English buffer Means dab, load and cushion. With this term the British wanted to indicate a sort of buffer which receives and receives data, in a steady flow, playing them as the video progresses. The seconds / minutes following the scenes displayed are meanwhile downloaded and archived from the buffering waiting for their moment of reproduction. In other words, the display is almost immediate and you don’t have to wait for the system to download the entire file to see it

In practice the buffering it allows a hardware and a software system to communicate correctly, even though they work at different speeds.

Streaming movies in high definition: what it takes to see them

It doesn’t really need much. Basically, three elements are enough:

  • Internet connection
  • playback device
  • platform that offers the streaming service

The first point is also the most obvious, the Internet connection. To watch content online, you need to go online and therefore you need a fairly stable and fast internet connection. In order for the contents of the streaming movies in high definition is reproduced without interruption, the available connection must be at least 2 megabits per second (2Mbps). However, it is not always sufficient, so even better if it is able to process at 5 Mbps (especially for content in HD and in 4K). A slower connection would risk compromising the optimal display of the video, or would skip the audio / video synchronization (always a very irritating situation).

We come to the second point: the playback devices. Not really a problem today. Streaming has opened the door to freedom of movement, allowing anyone at any time to view content online without wasting time, space and money. Basically to watch a streaming movies in high definition you don’t necessarily have to have a PC to watch the “cinema” at home. All you need is a tablet or any latest generation smartphone that supports audio and video playback of multimedia content. This leap in quality made it possible to watch live streaming programs, TV series, high definition movies, music clips, etc… On the train, rather than on a plane, tram, or ship. In short, wherever an internet connection was available. Fun at your fingertips.

Finally, the third point of the previous list, platforms offering streaming services, are the latest cornerstone of the most fantastic home made entertainment system ever. Today it is certainly not a problem to find these platforms and use their services. Very often linked to the subscription of monthly / annual subscriptions, in some fortuitous and very welcome cases, they are even free.