Higher resolution for MacBook Pros with Apple M1X

Risoluzione più alta per i MacBook Pro con Apple M1X thumbnail

The new beta of macOS Monterey reveals that the next MacBook Pro with Apple M1X they will have screens with a higher resolution. Both the version from 14 inches than the 16 they should have a higher pixel count of the above.

The new MacBook Pros with M1X will have a higher resolution

Sifting through the new beta of macOS Monterey, the operating system for the new MacBook Pros that Apple is about to launch, some developers have found some interesting data. Among the options found by Steve Moser from MacRumors, there are two new resolutions listed as possible for the operating system.

  • 3024 x 1964 for the 14-inch model
  • 3456 x 2234 for the 16 inch one.

Both displays are marked as “Retina”, confirming Apple’s choice in adopting this construction technology. Compared to the 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro, the first with Apple’s homemade processor (the M1), there is a big leap: it was “only” 2560×1600. But this is also justified by the size of the screen. Instead the leap compared to the current 16-inch model, the leap is generational: now let it be a 3072×1920.

To understand the difference in resolution, it is advisable to use the pixel density, which calculates the number of pixels for the same area. For current models it ranges from 226 to 227, for new MacBook Pro with M1X we arrive at 257 ppi. Less than what we have seen with iMacs but really a lot for a laptop that wants to have a battery that lasts for a long time.

Furthermore, a slight change in proportions also emerges from these data. If we are currently on 16:10, the new models will have un display in 15,4:10. Add to this the rumors that Apple wants to use the technology mini-LED for the next generation of laptops.

It seems that Apple’s new computers will bring more than one novelty, although the processor change would be enough to grab our attention. We will keep you updated for any updates.