Hisense brings innovative technology to IFA 2023: ULED Mini-LED TV and laser TV

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Hisense, a global leader in the household appliances and consumer electronics sector, is presenting a new range of TVs in all available categories at IFA 2023. There Mini-LED technologypresent in all serie ULED, was developed to generate astonishing brightness, contrast and detail. But not only. Hisense unveiled a range of groundbreaking products, including the Laser TV L9H in the 100” and 120” sizes, the projector Laser Cinema PX3-PRO 4K ultra short throw and the Smart Mini C1 projector, an all-in-one entertainment center. To these is added the limited edition of the Laser TV 8K 120LX and the tecnologia Edge Blending Displaywhich promise to redefine the visual entertainment landscape.

Hisense a IFA 2023, ULED Mini-LED TV: all the great technologies come together

Hisense ULED, or Ultra LED, TVs offer detailed, refined and realistic images thanks to LED backlight control and color management technologies, as well as a series of algorithms. ULED technology elevates the overall picture quality to an extraordinary level, with authentic colours, brilliant contrast, clear motion and distinct details.

It’s the ultimate screen for sports, nature, documents, movies and games. The closely grouped LEDs of the new range of TV Hisense Mini-LED ULED ensure infinitely more precise backlighting and better contrast control. Additionally, the Mini-LEDs emit light in a line rather than a diffuse cone, which improves accuracy. The result is better contrast and a sharp, vivid image.

Hisense a IFA 2023, the best combination of brightness and color

Mini-LED technology represents the cutting edge of television innovation. Miniaturized to a fraction of conventional LEDs, Mini-LEDs infuse every frame with deeper blacks and brighter lights, making even the smallest details visible in the darkest corners. The Local Dimming with hundreds of backlight LEDs adjust and create contrast according to each image.

More LED lights with a denser structure work together seamlessly, precisely managing individual pixel areas from edge to edge. This results in remarkable picture quality with an incredible HDR effect. On the display a 2500 nit At peak brightness, whites appear brighter, blacks appear darker, and colors appear extraordinarily vivid.

Technology Quantum Dot Colour offers a vibrant spectrum, displaying billions of shades with unprecedented brightness, further enhanced by the solution Total HDR – Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR10 e HLG. Hisense Hi-View Engine it’s both the brain and the muscle that makes TVs work smoothly. A powerful neural network constantly optimizes the viewing experience with real-time frame-level analysis to ensure the viewer has an optimal audiovisual journey, while also taking care of complex functions such as 4K upscaling and color enhancement, so that even lower quality videos look better than ever.

Cinematic excellence with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

Compared to a standard image, Dolby Vision – advanced HDR inspired by cinematic technology – can deliver colors never seen before, highlights up to 40x brighter and blacks 10x darker. In addition, Dolby Atmos offers an immersive and revolutionary audio experience. In-motion audio is a big step up from stereo audio and even surround sound. The sounds of people, places, things and music come to life and move in space. At the same time, Hisense Room-Fitting Sound analyze the layout of the environment and adapt the sound to the space of the viewer.

Hisense Mini-LED UX series: the ne plus ultra of TVs

Designed to redefine visual excellence, Hi-View Engine X technology, powered by a 16-bit processing system, creates an unprecedented 65,536 levels of brightness. This innovation, combined with Mini-LED X technology, ensures striking contrast, from deep blacks to vivid highlights. The Dynamic X-Display ensures a cinematic experience by combating reflections and enhancing contrast. Another strong point is the tecnologia Total Ambient Adaptivewhich automatically adjusts settings to perfectly match your surroundings, for an optimal viewing experience.

The U7 and U6 series complete the range

The aforementioned Hi-View Engine is also integrated into the series Mini-LED U7 and optimize the viewing experience. This TV series is ideal for game and sports enthusiasts. Among the main features, the mode Game Mode Pro a 144 Hz and the AI Sports mode in size up to 100 inches (100/85/75/65/55 inches). Model Ηisense 65U7KQ won the EISA BEST BUY MINI LED TV 2023-2024 award.

The Serie Hisense U6KQ, available in both 55 and 65 inches, is an entry-level TV in the Mini-LED category with probably the best performance in terms of price. The Hi-View Engine, which stands out for the smooth operation of the TV, takes care of 4K upscaling. As far as audio is concerned, users will be able to enjoy a high-level entertainment experience thanks to the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos.

Hisense a IFA 2023, laser TV: the latest revolution led by Hisense

The revolutionary Hisense Laser TV technology eliminates the potential risks for the users’ eyes, as it prevents long exposure to light rays. Instead of shining light directly into the viewers eyes, the light from the projector reflects off the screen making it appear softer and more natural.

These TV models emit almost zero blue light, a leading cause of eye strain. The picture is bright and detailed in all lighting conditions and allows you to enjoy an unprecedented large-screen viewing experience. It is a sophisticated technological innovation, with screen sizes up to 120 inches, offering the TriChroma Laser 4K with features like the Dolby Vision-Atmos.

Laser Cinema PX3-PRO: ultra short throw projector

The ultra-short-throw projector brings a bright and colorful 4K image to the screen from a very close distance: just 35 centimeters is enough to get an excellent image projected on 120 inches. The projector is equipped with the technology Trichroma Laser Engine from Hisense, making it the ultimate upgrade for home theater enthusiasts looking for a top-notch UST entertainment solution. With a focus on versatility, the PX3-PRO offers image sizes ranging from 90 to 130 inchesallowing users to personalize their viewing experience like never before.

Smart mini projector, portable entertainment center

Hisense Laser Mini Projector C1 represents an all-in-one entertainment center with smart features and easily adjustable picture settings, all packed in a portable format. The goal is to offer the best viewing and gaming experience in an immediate, comfortable and perfect way anytime, anywhere.

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