Hisense lancia la sua prima friggitrice ad aria: debutta la Air Fryer H06AFBS1S3 thumbnail

Hisense introduces its first air fryer

Hisense launches its first air fryer: the Air Fryer debuts H06AFBS1S3 thumbnail

Hisense has announced the arrival in Italy of the new Hisense Air Fryer H06AFBS1S3, the brand’s first air fryer, designed to combine the taste of traditional frying with the needs of a healthier cuisine possible. Here are the features and the price of the new deep fryer:

Hisense introduces its first air fryer: the Air Fryer H06AFBS1S3 debuts

The new Hisense Air Fryer H06AFBS1S3 is the brand’s first air fryer. It is a solution equipped with an advanced hot air circulation system, able to guarantee uniform cooking for food. The deep fryer can count on one power of 1700 W and on one internal capacity of 5 liters. Also noteworthy is the presence of a display LED frontale con touch panel to manage all the various features.

The new Hisense Air Fryer H06AFBS1S3 is already available in Italy. The first solution of this kind from Hisense debuts on the Italian market with a recommended price of 119 euros and can be purchased at all authorized dealers of the brand. With this deep fryer it is possible to cook a large number of foods with great effectiveness and in a healthy way, from meat to pizza and up to patetas, always with excellent results.

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