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Hisense presents the PureFlat Infinite Series refrigerators

Hisense introduces side-by-side refrigerators PureFlat Infinite Series RS840 e RS818, which have an elegant design and a large capacity. In fact they have capabilities up to 647 litresdesigned to accommodate the weekly shopping even for a large family.

Hisense PureFlat Infinite Series, frigoriferi side-by-side

With up to 647 liters of capacity, there’s no shortage of space. But Hisense has decided to manage it better with several internal shelves, drawers and extra-large balcony housings, present on each of the doors. This way you will have an orderly breakdown. While the system Multi-Air Flow System allows you to distribute cold air to all shelves, with Metal Cooling which ensures a constant temperature.

A system of integrated sensors allows constant monitoring of the freshness of food, even fruit and vegetables with the drawer with a space-saving design and transparent glass to see the contents and maintain the internal humidity level.

There are also many intelligent conveniences, such as the automatic closing that closes it if you leave the door open when you reach the 15 degrees Celsius. The latest generation inverter and theled illumination it also saves energy. And there’s also a three-year warranty on the products and ten on the engine.

Furthermore, the dispenser is not missing cold water and (in RS818) also that of the ice: up to 130 cubes per day. The LED touch panel also allows you to have full control of the appliance.

The WiFi connection also allows you to manage with Alexa e Google Assistant the device, even away from home via the ConnectLife app that you can download on your smartphone.

You can buy the Hisense PureFlat Infinite Series refrigerators at the price of:

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