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One Piece Odyssey: Free demo arrives in January

If you are a lover of the famous manga designed by Eiichirō Oda, which started more than twenty years ago, then you shouldn’t miss One Piece Odyssey which is about to arrive with a free demo

The tough crew of “Straw hat” has now sailed the seas of the whole world and of all the comics for a long time, the first volume of the Shūeisha dates back to the summer of 1997, like the video games. There have already been titles, but players are eagerly awaiting the game One Piece Odyssey. Luckily a free demo is on its way, but let’s go ahead in order!

One Piece Odyssey: in addition to the demo also confirmed two narrative arcs

One Piece Odysseyas already mentioned in the past, will therefore be released in January next year, however it is in a very short time, but anyone who wants to take a ride with Monkey D. Luffy and cronies can do it as early as January 10 with a free demo whose saves will carry over to the full game when it is purchased.

For the full title, therefore, just wait until the 13th, but be careful because it’s not over yet! In addition to a new trailerwhich we leave you below, two other narrative arcs have been confirmed such as Marineford e Dressrosa. In the primo Luffy will have to break into the headquarters of the Navy to save his brother Ace from execution while, in according to, it will be necessary to help Sago and Trafalgar Law against Doflamingo. Of course, epic battles will be the order of the day!

Among the other story arcs that players hope to see again would also be the Kingdom of Alabastabut nothing is known about it yet. What is certain is that the new Odyssey of Straw Hat and Co. is coming on January 13, 2023 per Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4 e PS5 with the signature of Bandai Namco.

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