Hispano Suiza Sagrera: the evolution of Carmen is coming

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The historic Iberian sports car brand plans to launch a new model very soon: Hispano Suiza Sagrera will propose the formula of the very high performance electric super sports car in a luxurious and very personal way

2024 will mark an important milestone for Hispano Suiza, which will be able to celebrate well 120 years of history of the brand. Obviously the Spanish car manufacturer cannot boast an equally long and constant production career, but the great charm linked to his name was however sufficient to keep his memory alive until recent years. In fact, in 2019, the brand was relaunched by the Peralada Group e di Miguel Suque Mateugreat-grandson of one of the historic founders who gave rise to the adventure way back in 1904.

Hispano Suiza Sagrera: the evolution of Carmen is coming

Original mascot to decorate the radiator of vintage Hispano Suiza.

After the long-awaited reopening we were able to admire models such as the Carmen and the Carmen Boulognecars in line with the guiding principles of a manufacturer that has always wanted to stand out for the original styleexclusive details and a cutting-edge construction technique of the times. But on the other hand, we know, the market swallows up every new thing very quickly and the time has now come to add to the list a new creature: the Hispano Suiza Sagrera.

Hispano Suiza Sagrera: the evolution of Carmen is coming

Hispano Suiza Sagrera: evolution is the watchword!

Thinking about the current Carmen and Carmen Boulogne, it is difficult to imagine how the cars could be improved so much attention to detail. Yet this is precisely the objective that the brand is aiming for with the new Hispano Suiza Sagrera. Clearly, as per the company’s new direction, we are talking about a super sports car completely electric with power well above the 1000 CVcharacterized by many improvements both in terms of mechanical performance and in terms of aerodynamics.

Hispano Suiza Sagrera: the evolution of Carmen is coming

Stylistically it should represent an evolution compared to current models, without however causing a total upheaval: the brand’s customers in fact show that they appreciate the very personal forms of Hispanic super sports cars. We can already state that Hispano Suiza Sagrera will trace the guidelines in every aspect for the models that will follow over the years, continuing a well-established tradition when it comes to high-class performance cars.

I cannot reveal many details yet, but I confirm that we want to continue to satisfy the wishes of our customers, who have asked us for something similar, and to continue to be unique.

Sergio Martinez Campos, founder of Hispanic Switzerland.

Hispano Suiza Sagrera: the evolution of Carmen is coming

The sinistra: Spanish Switzerland Carmen (2019), Spanish Switzerland H6B ‘Xenia’ Dubonnet (1938).

A name that tells a story

The name of Hispano Suiza Sagrera wants to pay homage to the memory of second establishment opened by the houselocated in Barcelona in the ‘La Sagrera’ neighborhood and active since 1911 thanks to the commitment of 1800 workers. A golden period that the brand’s leaders want to celebrate, bringing back memories of some of the most spectacular cars produced, such as the H6C Tulipwood o to H6B ‘Xenia’ Dubonnet. Today, as in the past, attention is completely paid to the construction quality, together with that of the materials used: wood and aluminum have now given way to other raw materials but care in selection and processing remained unchanged.

Hispano Suiza Sagrera: the evolution of Carmen is coming

Hispano Suiza H6C Tulipwood, Nieuport magnolia wood body (1924).

It is therefore difficult to expect a purchase price that is not measured in millions of euros, especially if we consider that the current Carmen already has a price list that starts from the considerable sum of 1.5 million. To get an idea of ​​the car’s appearance instead you will have to wait a little longer: the house deliberately leaves nothing to reveal. In any case, it would not be strange to once again find some reference to the illustrious and refined past of Hispano Suiza, rich in ideas and inspirations that are more relevant than ever. And we will obviously continue to talk about it here, on the pages of tuttotek.

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