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Historical plates, green light for restoration thanks to the decree

For those who own a vehicle of yesteryear there is good news: for the historical plates finally the implementing decree restores them.

Historical plates, the implementing decree released, source DepositPhotosHistorical plates, the implementing decree released, source DepositPhotos

The rule

Within the 2021 Budget Law there is also a modification to the Highway Code which allows the “recovery” of the original plates for historic cars.

This applies both in the case of re-registration and for those already re-registered or reregistered in past years.

Now, the new law provides for the “faculty of obtaining the registration plates of the first registration in the Public Automobile Register, or of obtaining a plate of the historical period of construction or circulation for vehicles of historical and collecting interest”.

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What should owners of classic cars do?

So anyone who owns a historic car to get a license plate of the historic construction period. Or vehicle circulation, conforming to the original must comply with the decree as written on the MIT page.

The owners submit the request to a STA (Sportello Telematico dell’Automobilista) or a Civil Motorization Office.

As stated in the law: “Applications can be made for officially deregistered vehicles or for export, for re-registered vehicles and for those of unknown origin, in any case equipped with a Certificate of Historical Relevance. The issue of the historic license plate is subject to the payment of 549.00 euros for motor vehicles and 274.50 euros for motorcycles and agricultural machinery”.

There is great satisfaction on the part of the Automotoclub Storico Italiano, whose present Albert Darkcommented:

“A decree that arrives after having carried out an important amount of work to underline to the Ministry, the Motorization and the State Printing Office the importance that the possibility of restoring the most complete originality of their historic vehicles has for enthusiasts. Pursuing originality is part of our mission and the birth plate is an integral part of the vehicle itself: for this we thank the sensitivity shown by politics in general and by Minister Salvini in particular who, after having been made aware of the importance of the initiative did not entail any burden for the State, he managed to start its application in a very short time”.

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