HMD Enable Pro: the new device for the EMM

The new device for the enterprise is finally available and is the HMD Enable Pro. Let’s see its features together

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announces the launch of the solution of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) per IoT e business use, HMD Enable Pro that diversify further i offered services what if combined with smartphones Nokia of HMD and the service of data roaming HMD Connect Pro, gives rise to a one-stop shop for those looking for a complete and flexible solution for your mobility needs.

HMD Enable Pro sight a satisfy the question of a EMM market rapidly changing and yes addresses in particular a those wishing smartphones, a EMM solution e connectivity from a single source. The new service allows organizations to handle a certain number of mobile devices Android by installing the necessary applications, setting the security policy e defining the authorized apps.

HMD Enable Pro: the new device for the EMM

HMD Enable Pro: the company’s words

“Today, around 15-20% of corporate devices are managed with an EMM, and the demand for reliable solutions – driven by digitization, the use of off-the-shelf commercial devices in the IoT, data protection legislation personal and general IT security needs – is increasing “

“We believe that the time has come for a step change in EMM adoption, which will be enormously beneficial for IoT solution providers, users and businesses who will enthusiastically welcome the ease of use of HMD Enable Pro independently. the size of their company or customer base. With the launch of HMD Enable Pro, we are responding to the needs of companies looking for a solution that encompasses Nokia devices, EMM and roaming connectivity from a single trusted manufacturer. “

– he comments Andrej Sonkin, General Manager, Enterprise, HMD Global.

Simplicity at the center

HMD Enable Pro is based on the multiple recent features of Android Enterprise, making it future-proof for years to come so that the companies can keep using it longer. The focus of the development was to create a EMM solution that is intuitive e easy to use, even if the customer has no previous device management experience. There console of management of HMD Enable Pro can be used with browser come Chrome, Firefox e Safari, e guides you step by step through policy setting. The inscription gods devices is made easy by the QR code and come on zero-touch enrollment methods. To help companies track their fleet of devices, the “Devices” function provides a detailed overview of each handset writing and his current state. Furthermore, the “Home”Acts as dashboard central and offers a overview of the park devices within the organization.

With the addition of HMD Enable Pro, the solution offered to companies consists of Nokia smartphone e accessories, Nokia services for the life cycle of smartphones, proposals for HMD connectivity and the EMM solution di HMD.

Services you can trust

Tuned in software development center HMD Global’s home in Tampere, Finland, HMD Enable Pro is in execution on the Google Cloud of Hamina to ensure that all data are stored in accordance with the normative GDPR of the EU and guarantee the most high standards of privacy e data protection of customers.

App delivery takes place in safe way e protected from the Google Play Store managed, accessible for public apps e private via an iFrame directly from the wizard of creation of the policy, and from the ‘Applications’ function.

For a more peace of mind, customers can use Android SafetyNet for a quick overview gods devices potentially compromises from a security point of view, all of them equipped with Android operating system to ensure they are up to date with latest security downloads. With a fourth year of quarterly security patches available as YOU per devices selected as standard, customers can continuation a use HMD Enable Pro even longer.

HMD Enable Pro: the new device for the EMM

Flexible services to satisfy the customer

A depending on your needs of a company, i devices they can be distributed in different modes per to adapt to their function: dedicated device (kiosk), fully managed e work profile (company-owned or BYOD) to allow businesses of to select a solution tailored to satisfy them EMM needs of Android devices.

The downloadable app Nokia OEM Config it allows to implementation further settings of specific management for Nokia devices, such as those of visualization e location. In combination with theEnterprise API that was introduced in Nokia smartphones from the template Nokia 2.4 onwards, the new app OEM Config ensures a more control on updates Android. Perfect solution for companies they want more time to test the new software e check more thoroughly the operating system versions of their fleet of devices.

“Many of the IoT solution providers who have applied for an EMM from HMD Global typically don’t have much experience with these solutions. That’s why we’ve made HMD Enable Pro easy to use and intuitive, so anyone can learn to love it in no time. This is the guiding principle of our EMM management console and the solution as a whole: to maintain simplicity, power and efficiency while still providing the necessary capabilities “

– he adds Marjaana Peltonen, Senior Experience Designer, HMD Global.

HMD Enable Pro: pricing and availability

HMD Enable Pro is already available starting from 2,5€ al month / license (Excluding VAT and other sales taxes). Additional information regarding HMD Enable Pro country availability and pricing models is available at the following address.

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