Desktop Speaker V8 review: low-budget sensations

In this review we will see the Desktop Speaker V8 at work, a really cheap soundbar to approach the world of gaming and beyond

The world of gaming continues in its now quick e constant evolution, churning out more and more advanced products. However, we must not forget all the people who, for various reasons, approach this for the first time world. The use of simple, basic and above all cheap products are essential, also to understand immediately if the world you are entering is to your liking. Today’s review focuses on a absolutely entry-level product, il Desktop Speaker V8.

Unboxing and installation | Desktop Speaker V8 Review

The product, of Chinese origin, comes in one very basic cardboard box in which, however, there are various writings that list the technical characteristics and the logo of the device itself. Inside the package there is only the speaker, adequately protected by some plastic inserts that block any accidental impacts. Accompanying the instruction booklet.

Desktop Speaker V8 review: low-budget sensations

The installation is really lightning-fast, as there are only two cables: a USB for power supply it’s a 3.5 jack cable for the audio data stream. It is essential to know that the speaker cannot be autoalimentato from the mini-jack output only. This means that it will still be necessary to connect the power supply (from the console, from the PC or perhaps even from a power bank).

Technical features

The Desktop Speaker V8 is powered by DCa 5V 1000mA. It has a frequency response from 25Hz-20KHz. The exact product dimensions are 415x78x68mm. It is equipped with two separate speakers that sound sufficiently, but we will have the opportunity to talk about them in a dedicated paragraph a little further below. The product is also equipped with a system that no prevents possible interference with computer or smartphone. Finally, the Bluetooth which also makes it suitable for recreational use, perhaps in a living room or games room.

Audio and opinions | Desktop Speaker V8 Review

Let’s start analyzing some of the aspects that emerged after a few days of testing. Let’s start from design: in my opinion one of the fundamental merits of this speaker. Surely the “plastic” air is there and you can feel it, however the style used is very appreciable, it certainly hides the price range to which it belongs. The speaker is also equipped with led RGB on both ends: the colors are not customizable but theeffect what harm, even in low light, is definitely succeeded. Finally, the material used to cover the two omnidirectional speakers is particularly appreciated.

Let’s move on to the audio, the real cornerstone of the review. If you are expecting surround sound worthy of the best pair of headphones, you are definitely off the mark. The product is suitable for a truly consumer use, for those who have no particular expectations or perhaps, as mentioned before, are approaching this world for the first time. The sound turns out a little kneaded, at high volumes tends to distort and to produce a annoying noise basically. The optimal level for a decent sound performance is around 70% (value that can be set from the convenient wheel on the right side of the speaker).

In my opinion not very suitable for games FPS, as it is not easy to distinguish the position of the enemies from the audio. However I believe it is a wise choice for those who have space problems, wants a desktop soundbar for playing gamesadventure, d’action or other where the audio is not a decisive factor for the success of the game itself. Through Bluetooth the sound performance does not improve, however the range of action is however sufficient and the interference is few.


It is certainly not a top of the range, and it does not set itself the goal of being one. I found it a really basic device to approach this world. To enjoy a TV series or a game from your desk with your computer or console, I think it’s the right option. The price really content, we are talking about a few tens of euros, consequently it would also be wrong to expect much more. Match in defined a mediocre audio to one style than personally like it and which I think is suitable for any space in the house.

What do you think of this Desktop Speaker V8? Please let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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