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Hogwarts Legacy: a magical event in Milan for the release of the game

We were at the event organized in Milan on the occasion of the release of Hogwarts Legacy. Find out all the details in this article

The new title of Avalanche Software is now among us, and in these hours we are sure that millions of you will be crossing the doors of the most famous school of witchcraft and magic in the world (by the way, if you are looking for tips and tricks for your adventure staff do not miss our dedicated guide). Just to celebrate the release of Hogwarts Legacy, WB Games and GameStop have actively collaborated to organize a very special event in the heart of Milan. We have been there and in this article we tell you how it went.

Magic arrives in Milan on the occasion of the Hogwarts Legacy release event

The cold of a typical winter day didn’t deter us from attending the Hogwarts Legacy release event. Crossing the threshold of the small but welcoming GameStop in via Torino, in the heart of the Milanese city, we immediately found ourselves enveloped in a magical atmosphere. The whole environment has been treated in such a way as to exude love for the saga created by JK Rowling. Starting from the symbols of the houses (if you are in doubt about which one to choose in the game, take a look at our guide), passing through the platform 9 and 3/4 logo, complete with a trolley with suitcases and a talking hat (wearable) in full size immediately below. All while a wall screen projected images of the game.

Hogwarts Legacy: a magical event in Milan for the release of the game

Particular mention then for a beautiful reproduction made with LEGO bricks from the school of magic. The main activity was then a platform placed in a central position and connected to a smartphone that will rotate around the latter. It will thus be possible to make a short slow motion video (which we can then download) of ourselves while wearing one or more gadgets among those available, such as scarves of the houses or a menacing hood worthy of a dark wizard. All while brandishing a magic wand or riding a broom.

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