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Hogwarts Legacy: here’s how many GB it will occupy on PS5 – Rumor

How many GB will Hogwarts Legacy take up on PS5? A rumor seems to have given the answer to this question. Let’s find out all the details together in this news

There are now just a few days left for the highly anticipated day one of Hogwarts Legacy, the title from Avalanche Studio and Warner Bros whose launch trailer was published a few hours ago. The action rpg set in the beautiful and dear to all of us Hogwarts it will arrive first on next-gen consoles and, later, on old-generation consoles. The question that everyone has been asking, however, concerns i GB which it will occupy Hogwarts Legacy on these consoles; for the version PS5 an answer seems to have leaked.

Will Hogwarts Legacy take up around 80GB on PS5?

According to the latest rumors, relating precisely to Hogwarts Legacyit seems that the game will go to occupy 80 GB of memory on our consoles PS5. To date this news has not yet been confirmed and, above all, at this moment it is news relating only to the Sony home console version. The Twitter page of circulated this particular information PlayStation Game Size which is also often very precise and reliable. Here is the tweet in question:

The same tweet also refers to the pre-load date: February 8 (from February 5 if owners of the deluxe edition) and on the date from which, always the holders of the deluxe version can start playing: February 7th. We look forward to confirmations, news and updates in this regard. In the meantime, you can let us know your opinion and what you think of this news as well as of Hogwarts Legacy via a comment in the appropriate section.

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