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Hogwarts Legacy: How does the Alohomora spell work?

Let’s find out together, in this guide dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy, how the Alohomora spell works and how to quickly unlock all the locks that you will find in front of you in the Avalanche Software title

Meanwhile we have now almost arrived in mid-February, Hogwarts Legacy has been available on the market for two days for everyone on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | Yes, after the postponement of the old-gen and Nintendo Switch versions. A title that is sucking our soul and body, as we explore every corridor of the most popular Academy of Magic in history and its game world. We are taking our time, but it will be worth it: the review will arrive, as always, here on the pages. Meanwhile, we decided to create a special article for one of the least explained spells in the game: Alohomora.

Come diamine funziona Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Alohomora Enchantment is a spell that will allow you to unlock the various locks of doors and trunks that you will have immediately noticed in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and throughout the Magical World that can be explored in Hogwarts Legacy, but how does it work? Actually, the tutorial put on the screen by Avalanche Software is far from explanatory, and many have found themselves in difficulty on how to actually pick these locks. It’s actually a rather simple mechanic and, once you understand the meaning, no padlock will ever stop you again.

Before we find out how the Alohomora spell works in Hogwarts Legacy, we remind you that here on we have a long list of themed guides available… magical! How to link your Harry Potter Fan Club account to get free rewards, how the title runs on PS5 and Xbox Series X | Yes, how to change the appearance, the locations of the Battle Arenas and that of the Arena of the Dark Arts are just some of the topics we have covered. Find everything grouped in our official tag dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy. With that said, let’s get started!

Hogwarts Legacy: How does the Alohomora spell work?

Enchantment Alohomora! | Hogwarts Legacy: How does the Alohomora spell work?

Alohomora is a Charm essential to explore every inch of Hogwarts and surrounding areas, it is useless to hide it from us. We must admit that the minigame that starts every time we have to carry out a break-in is not the most fun and intuitive thing in the world, but never mind. Unlocking the locks of increasing levels will allow you to obtain increasingly important loot and collectibles, so it is essential that you understand how it really works.

You will unlock the Alohomora Charm by completing one of the main missions (those with the golden coat of arms on the map, so to speak) which will be entrusted to you by Gladwin Moon, the keeper of Hogwarts in this century. Your task will be to recover an increasing number of Demiguise figurines, deliver them to him and learn the various subsequent steps of Alohomora which will first make the Level I locks available, then those of Level II and Level III.

Hogwarts Legacy: How does the Alohomora spell work?

Turn lever Kronk… | Hogwarts Legacy: How does the Alohomora spell work?

That said, how does the Alohomora Charm work in Hogwarts Legacy? Once you have used it on a lock, the burglary minigame will start and it will put you in front of a screen with a gear, two concentric rings and two sparks of different colors, which you can maneuver with the analog sticks. The right analog stick controls the outermost ring and green spark, the left analog stick controls the innermost ring and red spark.

The two rings have eight different cardinal directions each. Your task will be to spin the two rings until the corresponding spark is in the right cardinal direction. You will notice it because at that exact moment the smallest gears will start turning independently. You will therefore have to find the correct position in which to hold both analog sticks to unlock the mechanism. The easiest way is to rotate the rings quickly and as soon as the gears move, stop and find the other position.

Hogwarts Legacy: How does the Alohomora spell work?

Good fun!

And that’s about it – that’s how the heck Alohomora works in Hogwarts Legacy. Let us know if you are playing the Avalanche Software and Warner Bros title below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the videogame and tech themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we suggest you take a look at the Kinguin catalogue!