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Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

Let’s find out together, in this guide dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy, which are the best Talents to unlock as soon as you have the opportunity to do so: you have limited points and you cannot do Respec, why not decide them at the table?

These days we are literally getting lost in all the corridors of Hogwarts, looking for every collectible and every possible secret, in an adventure that certainly could have been more thorough, but that doesn’t mean it lacks value. In short: Hogwarts Legacy is officially available for all owners of PC, Xbox Series X | S and PS5 since last Friday, sales are skyrocketing as are the controversies. As mentioned, we are investigating it a lot, and we are taking the necessary time to be able to tell you about it with full knowledge of the facts in a dedicated review, which you will always find on these pages. In the meantime, there has also been a lot of talk about building a build for the character. Even if “build” is difficult to talk about (in Hogwarts Legacy the modifiable parameters are very few), a crucial aspect of the title of Avalanche Software and Warner Bros is deciding on which Talents to spend our points.

The best Talents to unlock immediately to become skilled wizards in Hogwarts Legacy: let’s see them together

You will unlock the ability to activate Talents as you progress through the story of Hogwarts Legacy. It’s something you can’t avoid in any way, so to avoid spoilers of any kind we don’t tell you which mission you have to complete or anything else. Once this mechanic is unlocked, for each Level Up starting from level 5 you will be awarded a Talent point, which, used in the appropriate screen, will give you the possibility to upgrade your character in five different categories. For the distribution of the categories and the list of all the Talents available in Hogwarts Legacy we have a dedicated article, which you can reach by clicking here, here we want to go and see which, in our opinion, are the best to unlock right away.

Why be careful? | Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

It is important to commit our Talent points well because there is no respec option and you will “only” get 35 during a playthrough, as the level cap for Hogwarts legacy is currently set at 40. Furthermore, it is also important to understand how we want to build our Wizard: if you are more interested in enhancing the Unforgivable Curses, obviously you will have to focus more on the Dark Arts category. If, on the other hand, you are a great user of potions and objects, the one in the Room of Requirement will be for you. In this article we want to go and explore which are, according to our path, the best Talents to unlock as soon as possible in Hogwarts Legacy.

Before starting, however, we remind you that here on you have a long list of Hogwarts Legacy themed guides available. How to link your Harry Potter Fan Club account to get free rewards, how the title runs on PS5 and Xbox Series X | Yes, how to change the appearance, the locations of the Battle Arenas and that of the Arena of the Dark Arts are just some of the topics we have covered. Find everything grouped in our official tag dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy. With that said, let’s get started!

Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

The Main | category Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

Let’s start with the category of Mainbelow are the Talents that we advise you to unlock immediately

  • Basic Spell Refinement
  • Magical Knowledge 1,2,3
  • Potency of the Healing Potion 1, 2
  • Capacity with Stupeficium

Con Basic Spell Refinement you can reduce the cooldown of your spells while you are attacking with the basic one. Magical Knowledge, on the other hand, will allow you to unlock, for each level you upgrade, a new set of spells that can be recalled quickly by pressing the right trigger. Empower yours Refreshing potion, on the other hand, will help you in the most uncomfortable situations and against bosses and will allow you to restore more HP with a single sip. Finally, if you will unlock Capacity with Stupeficium you can also inflict damage with this spell (which at the basic level only stuns enemies).

Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

The Spells Category | Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

So let’s move on to the category Spellswhich is more subjective. Our favorite Talents in this case are the following:

  • Diffindo improvement
  • Confringo improvement
  • Fire Improvement
  • Improvement Descendo

Empowering these spells will allow you, depending on the type of magic you’re using, to deal more damage. For example, once boosted Fire, in addition to the blaze in front of you, a ring of fire will be released that will deal splash damage to nearby enemies. Strengthening I divide will allow you to make two shots, Break, however, once hit the enemy will emanate further damage to nearby enemies. Boost up Going down finally it will be particularly useful for all those who like to perform aerial combos, as it will make a rather large shock wave emanate for each enemy you … crash to the ground. With all the satisfaction you can get from it.

Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

The Stealth category | Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

So let’s move on to the category of Stealthvery quickly since the useful Talents in our opinion are only two, but fundamental:

  • Demiguise Human
  • Sense of secrecy 1

Unlocking these two Talents will be essential to complete the stealth sections of Hogwarts Legacy without risking destroying anything. Human demiguise it will allow you to shoot even when you are invisible e Sense of secrecy it will make you less detectable to various enemies.

Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

The Dark Arts Category | Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

We haven’t included any talents from the Room of Requirement category, so let’s quickly move on to that of Dark Artshere are our favorite Talents:

  • Blood Curse
  • Disarming Curse
  • Curse Stunning
  • Consume-Curses

By unlocking Blood Curse and by damaging a cursed enemy, you will also deal damage to all other nearby enemies who are also cursed. With the Disarming Curse, however, you can curse using the Expelliarmus spell on enemies. There Curse Stunning instead it allows you to curse enemies you Stupefy on. In the end, Consume-Curses will restore a portion of your life each time you defeat a cursed enemy.

Hogwarts Legacy: the best Talents to unlock now!

Good fun!

And these were therefore the best Talents to unlock right away in Hogwarts Legacy in our opinion. Let us know if you are playing the Avalanche Software and Warner Bros title below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the videogame and tech themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we suggest you take a look at the Kinguin catalogue!