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Hogwarts Legacy: The game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One late

WB Games’ Flooflame misses Albuquerque turn: expected delay for PS4 and Xbox One version of Hogwarts Legacy

If you have seen even one of the guides we have devoted to Hogwarts Legacyyou are certainly following the game while having “only” of PS4 o Xbox One: in both cases, a delay it will lengthen your wait. It is foreseeable that the “last-gen” platforms (a term we still use with ill-concealed reluctance, ed) are not at the top of WB Games’ ranking in terms of priorities. However, the previous 4th April agreement is about to be deleted from our calendars, in favor of the following day… on the condition that, unfortunately, we also turn over the sheet for the month. We are sorry.

Platform 9 ¾ delay for Hogwarts Legacy: PS4 and Xbox One edition slide

Well yes: the new release date for Hogwarts Legacy on PS4 and Xbox One is the 5 maggio. We will certainly have gotten a chuckle from the classicists with a penchant for Manzoni, but we doubt that the fans of the world born from the pen of the controversial writer will take it with the same philosophy. The developers aren’t happy either, according to their recent tweet. “The team is working hard to deliver the best possible experience across all platforms, and we need more time to do that,” reads the announcement below. We leave the post original for consultation by English speakers.

And what about the platforms of the Grande N, which has always brought up the rear for multi-platforms? The release date for Nintendo Switch, for the avoidance of doubt, remains July 25 until further notice. The game has sold over 12 million copies worldwide in the first two weeks alone, with over 850 million in revenue. The guys from Avalanche Software stated that there would be no DLC or expansions, before specifying that definitive confirmation will only come when the game is available on each platform. In case you want to understand whether to wait for the arrival of the “minor versions” or not, you can consult our review of the game.

Now it’s up to you to have your say: what do you think of this dreaded news? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on tuttotek for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.

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