Hollow Knight Silksong: possible exit on a symbolic day

The wait for the new chapter of Hollow Knight makes fans increasingly hungry for news about Silksong and the hypothetical release date

For weeks there has been talk of an upcoming Nintendo Direct that would take place in the course of the month, and only a few days ago the news was circulating about a leak where the expiry of the controller’s license Nintendo for September 24th. The Twitter user who shared the information hypothesized how a Nintendo Direct could have taken place on that date: finally, the news was confirmed in the following hours. But what does this have to do with Hollow Knight Silksong’s release date? Well, the latest theories lead to think that this will be announced during today’s Nintendo Direct.

The release of Hollow Knight Silksong, sequel to an independent conquest

With Hollow Knight, Team Cherry studio got it a resounding success, confirmed when the release on PC in 2017 of the work conquered every player: the title, developed in the form of a small indie, infused the game with a dark atmosphere, enlivened by fragments of brilliance, transported by a great exploratory possibility and a thrilling fight at the right point, as well as a sublime soundtrack and a cute but captivating 2D graphic style. Ever since, the game has also landed on consoles, and in the meantime, fans await more information regarding the release of Hollow Knight Silksong, his follow-up announced in 2019.

Hollow Knight Silksong: possible exit on a symbolic day

And it is precisely today that even the most patient and less prone to conjecture players find it difficult to wait: this is because, by studying the recent leaks, it has become consistent a likely date game release. The leak in question refers to the sensational revelations that the GeForce Now database provided, where the name of Hollow Knight Silksong was also spotted, with the its release date. There is still talk of unofficial news and therefore of simple speculations, but it is assumed that the game is in the pipeline for the February 1, 2022, a five years exact from the release of the first chapter.

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