Hollow Knight Silksong: the rating arrives from Korea

Silksong's silk dam, perhaps, is finally giving way: the Hollow Knight sequel now also receives a rating from South Korea

Finally something seems to be in motion too Hollow Knight: Silksongwhich after the Xbox marketplace page and the ESRB rating now receives a similar rating from South Korea. To be precise, in case you are also interested in the rating itself, the minimum age to play the long-awaited sequel according to the Koreans is twelve years old and up. As if that wasn't enough, we also have the exact date the stock was valued: specifically, the February 20, 2024. At this point, the release date or at least other gameplay material shouldn't be outside the realm of possibility when it comes to expectations. We leave you to consult our source.

A more awaited rating than the grade for the class test: Korea also confirms Hollow Knight Silksong

Planned as DLC for Hollow Knight, Silksong was announced as a standalone game in February five years ago, and since then there has been extremely little news on the matter until recent news, including today's rating from Korea. The game, first announced for Nintendo Switch and PC and then confirmed on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series Instead, he will be the protagonist Hornet. Compared to the predecessor, the types of enemies, bosses, secondary quests and so on also change. There have been multiple postponements throughout this time. Things, however, could change. In fact, everything seems to point to that Team Cherry and the calendar finally want to put the ring on their finger.

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