Hollyland COSMO C1: a breakthrough for wireless video streaming

Unprecedented video transmission stability with Hollyland COSMO C1 – the industry’s first UVC integration for instant Full HD streaming to PC

The latest addition to Hollyland’s COSMO series, the COSMO C1 model, sets a new standard for video monitoring in real time at a distance of up to 300 meters of optical visibility, thanks to the revolutionary technology of HEVO wireless transmission by Hollyland. With COSMO C1 you finally have a complete but simple solution for streaming and sharing your video creativity in the cloud. Designed for precise focus and high image sharpness, COSMO C1 is a powerful tool available to those dedicated to video shooting. It’s time to say welcome to a completely new and fluid viewing experience.

Hollyland COSMO C1: a breakthrough for wireless video streaming

Hollyland COSMO C1: smooth videos, even in difficult situations

The increased signal strength of COSMO C1 and the superior anti-interference capability in the 5.1 GHz-5.8 GHz spectrum ensure smooth video transmission, even in complex environments. Hollyland COSMO C1 is also the first in its field to integrate the UVC technology (USB Video Capture), COSMO C1 offers a completely simplified solution for streaming and cloud sharing of your video works.

HEVO uses the tecnologia Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH), in just 0.001 seconds, both in reception and transmission, in addition to the seamless retransmission technology. Together, these features offer exceptional reliability, increased signal strength and superior anti-interference performance. Regardless of whether you’re using manual or automatic mode, you can say goodbye to flickering, glitches, and black screens. Plus, you can run four of these video transmission systems simultaneously in one location without compromising the smoothness of video transmission.

Hollyland COSMO C1: a breakthrough for wireless video streaming

Simple USB-C connectivity

With COSMO C1, you only need a USB-C connection to deliver Full HD 1080P60 video quality to a computer for direct live streaming, thanks to HEVO’s support for UVC (USB Video Capture). You don’t need any video capture devices and no additional settings. Just plug in a simple USB-C cable and it works!

Based on the protocol developed by Hollyland, HEVO technology improves video encoding efficiency by 30%. Hollyland COSMO C1’s built-in acceleration module achieves ultra-low latency of up to 40ms, complemented by HEVO’s Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) technology and seamless retransmission technology. There are no compromises on image output and transmission latency within a wide range of up to 300 meters of optical visibility.

Hollyland COSMO C1: a breakthrough for wireless video streaming

Unmatched compatibility and flexibility

Hollyland COSMO C1 sSupports HDMI and SDI connections on both TX and RX units, as well as an SDI loop-out on the TX unit. It can work with any mainstream camera, monitor or switcher. Additionally, there are three different power options for maximum flexibility. The DC power supply is great for indoor projects, while the N-PF / L series battery and USB-C port with power supply capabilities help make the unit portable, for shooting on the go. The red low battery indicator lets you know when you have 20 minutes of remaining battery power, to avoid inadvertently running out of power.

Highlights of Hollyland COSMO C1 include a range of up to 300 meters of optical visibility, superior anti-interference that allows you to run four systems in one location, HEVO technology for low latency and signal stability even in frequency change, Full HD 1080P60 resolution video on a single USB cable, vertical and horizontal mounting options and three versatile power options.

Hollyland COSMO C1: piece and availability

The recommended price for this device is 938 euros and is already available for purchase. While all the details on the product, we invite you to visit the official website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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