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Google focuses on the metaverse

After Facebook, Microsoft and Niantic, now too Google tip on metaverso. In the last few hours, in fact, the technological giant has announced its intention to integrate new programs concerning Google Labs augmented and virtual reality. In addition to some innovative software that can support the project. On the other hand, other important companies in the sector also use a similar approach. Recently, for example, Facebook’s Reality Labs gave life to the Rayban Stories project. In short, whatever the way in which the giant approaches this project, what matters is that soon we could see the Google metaverse.

Google: the metaverse in the projects of the technological giant

As unusual as it may seem for a company like Google, at the moment we do not have precise news on the realization of the metaverse of the tech giant. The only thing we know, indeed, is that he recently worked at reorganization of Google Labs. With what purpose? “Focus on initiating and growing new forward-looking investment areas for the entire company. At the heart of the new course is Labs, which will analyze emerging technology trends across a range of high-potential, long-term projects. ” So the company itself reported.

For the occasion, Google Labs will be led by Clay Bavor, now a veteran of the company, who in his professional past followed the holographic videoconferencing project “Project Starline”. As reported by the company, Bavor will be in charge of all AR and VR projects, as well as Starline e Area 120, an incubator that deals with developing new products starting from internal and external start-up ideas to the company. At the moment, for example, Area 120 is working on two interesting projects: the ThreadIt smartworking platform and the App Stack. But we are confident that the Google metaverse will be the most interesting project supervised by Bavor.

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