Hollyland Solidcom M1: new communication systems for events

The new Hollyland Solidcom M1 communication systems can be used at high level events or productions. They are designed to support large teams with numerous devices, with crystal clear sound and a range of up to 400 meters

Event organizers and media producers looking for a reliable and easy-to-use team wireless communication system can finally stop looking. Solidcom M1 from Hollyland is the 1.9GHz new generation full-duplex professional wireless intercom system which supports eight-channel simultaneous communication and cascade connection of multiple additional devices.

The M1 system is ready to use right out of the box and boasts powerful noise cancellation and broadcast quality audio. With an industry-leading set of innovative features, Solidcom M1 is now the ideal wireless communication choice for micro or medium sized events with a capacity of 100 to 1000 guests, including church events, electronic production, exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Hollyland Solidcom M1: new communication systems for events

Hollyland Solidcom M1: 400 meter range instant wireless intercom system with clear sound

For the first time in the industry, Solidcom M1 integrates a panel antenna into the base station, providing an immediate, ready-to-use communication solution in unobstructed locations such as church events and concerts. Only integrated panel antenna supports a range of up to 400 meters in front of the Base Station and 160 feet (50 m) behind. The connection of the two included external FRP antennas provides reliable 360 ​​° transmission in a range of approximately 300m, ideal for large-scale spaces and obstructed venues, including sporting events and exhibitions.

The M1 system delivers incredibly clear broadcast-grade audio, no matter how intrusive the background noise is, thanks to Hollyland’s noise cancellation algorithms, high sampling rate of 16KHz, professional dynamic microphones and the super wide frequency response from 200Hz to 7KHz. The LEMO headphones included are equipped with sidetone functionality, which reduces user fatigue and greatly improves voice intelligibility. Your entire team will be able to communicate unhindered, without confusion about the speaker’s identity or tone of voice, even during a rock concert.

Hollyland Solidcom M1: new communication systems for events Hollyland Solidcom M1: new communication systems for events

Hollyland Solidcom M1: one-touch accessible grouping function and versatile waterfall mode

Solidcom M1, Creating groups for team members such as lighting crew, TV crew or operators is intuitive: you just need to simply select the number of each broadcast device to be paired in the group. Up to three groups can be created and managed in seconds using the base station, Hollyland app or private web page. The base station can be cascaded to multiple sets of audio equipment, including the most common legacy intercom systems from other manufacturers, simply by connecting them with a standard network cable or XLR cable. There are four different interface connectors: 2W XLR, 4W RJ45, POE / LAN (Power Over Ethernet) power supply and cascaded interfaces.

Each standard Solidcom M1 comes with eight transmission devices, and there is also a package with four small event transmission devices. They are possible simultaneous group calls for 16 people in three groups with two cascaded M1 sets. With a standard 328ft (100m) network cable for cascading, the M1 is perfect for just about any type of event.

Hollyland Solidcom M1: new communication systems for events Hollyland Solidcom M1: new communication systems for events

Hollyland Solidcom M1: Robust yet intuitive transmission device and headset design

The transmission devices supplied with the Solidcom M1 are sturdy yet lightweight and comfortable to hold, with a removable and replaceable antenna to increase durability and an HD type LCD screen to show the operating status at a glance. The three function buttons on the front of the carrier are ergonomically designed and of different shapes to avoid erroneous clicks, even in the dark and in high pressure situations. Each Solidcom M1 set includes professional LEMO headphones with intuitive microphone on / off control by raising or lowering the microphone stand. There presa standard da 3,5 mm on the pouch also supports third-party headphones.

Hollyland Solidcom M1: double batteries for 24 hours continuous power

Each transmission device contains two removable lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged independently in just 2.5 hours; each battery provides six hours of battery life, ensuring uninterrupted operation throughout the day. Likewise, the base station has a dual NP-F battery plate, as well as a POE power port, which ensures continuous, uninterrupted power.

Hollyland Solidcom M1: new communication systems for events


The cost of the Hollyland Solidcom M1 kit is € 5,949 is. VAT and can be purchased from official retailers. All product details are available on the official website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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