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Holon Mover, the autonomous vehicle with Pininfarina style

Holona brand of the Benteler Group, launched its electric and autonomous vehicle at CES 2023: Movera van designed by Pininfarina and capable of moving at 60 kilometers per hour with a range of 290 kilometres. After the official presentation in Las Vegas, the vehicle continues its journey to arrive on our roads.

Holon Mover, the autonomous vehicle has all the style of Pininfarina

According to what those of Holon explained to us at CES, the Mover could prove to be very useful for shuttle and ride pooling services. So much so that the company has already found the provider of mobility solutions Beep in the United States. Production should start in 2025.

The Holon Mover can accompany you to your destination up to 15 passengers, offering different seating arrangements and interiors that respect both the traveller’s safety and sense of privacy.

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All with the style of Pininfarina. As he explains Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of Pininfarina: “The design of the vehicle combines two character traits: friendly and inviting, technologically advanced and clear. This applies to both exteriors and interiors. It immediately makes the Holon Mover a design icon”.

In Las Vegas we also had the opportunity to see how this Mover is designed for inclusiveness. In fact it has photoelectric sensors and automatic ramps which allow anyone to easily access the vehicle, even without a driver.

With SAE level 4 autonomous driving and an all-electric motor, combines the most advanced technology with the Italian style of Pininfarina. To face the famous “last mile” in the city or in other structures (airports, for example) with extreme ease, but also with elegance.

Learn more on Holon’s official website.

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