Home renovation: 5 tips from home automation to the most technological materials

Ristrutturare casa: 5 consigli dalla domotica ai materiali più tecnologici

Let’s go to the discovery of 5 useful tips for renovating the house from home automation to the most technological materials

To renovate your home in a refined way and at the same time make it functional and tailored to the needs of the whole family, there is nothing better than opting for intelligent systems and latest generation materials. The latter are in fact both able to give the context top comfort. In this regard, here are 5 useful tips for renovating your home from home automation to the most technological materials.

Change the various domestic environments

Optimizing the spaces of the house is a great way to start the renovation in the best possible way. Specifically, it involves creating equipped walls using removable wooden grids or creating fixed partition walls in plasterboard. Among other things, the latter can also be useful for creating bookcases and false ceilings and is available in various sizes, thicknesses and shapes.

Cover the surfaces of the house with microcement

Opting for microcement is another great way to renovate your home and make it functional and well decorated. Specifically, if applied correctly by experts in the sector such as Florence microcement, it allows to obtain both floors and walls that are uniform and easy to clean, as well as to isolate the most humid ones such as bathroom walls. In fact, microcement is a brick that is water-repellent, long-lasting and compact and is very easy to apply both with DIY and by relying on the aforementioned experts in the sector.

Install smart devices at home

Renovating your home in an intelligent way, that is with the use of latest generation devices and which fall within the so-called concept of home automation, is another great way to manage the various environments at 360 degrees. Installing devices for the automation of the shutters, to control the lighting, the heating and cooling system or the household appliances, are just some examples of how to remotely manage the home using a computer or smartphone.

Decorate the walls of the house with bright colors

A more liveable house and able to provide well-being, can be made so if you opt for the decoration of the walls with bright colors. The latter in fact offer a series of advantages such as making the various environments brighter with a consequent energy saving or giving greater mental comfort, since light shades can play a chromotherapeutic role, especially if present in the bathroom and interact with adequate lights. and of the LED type.

Making the home environments healthier

During the renovation of the house it is also important to make it healthier, i.e. eliminating the risk of mold and the relative formation of harmful fungal spores upstream. Covering the walls with plasterboard panels suitably spaced with an aluminum frame, in fact, a cavity is created to be filled with rock wool or polyurethane foam, i.e. sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials, respectively. Among other things, this type of insulation is particularly advisable if the house is located near the embankment of a garden, and therefore with the walls exposed to the so-called rising damp.