Homefront The Revolution: port nativo in 4K di TimeSplitters 2 come easter egg

Homefront The Revolution: port nativo in 4K di TimeSplitters 2 come easter egg

TimeSplitters 2, although secret, is entirely playable within Homefront: The Revolution as an easter egg by entering a code

The questions that anyone can answer on Twitter are often a source of great satisfaction, especially when the answer is someone involved in the gaming industry and can reveal goodies such as an integral port of TimeSplitters 2 inside Homefront: The Revolution. This is what happened during the Easter period, when the former member of Dambuster Studios Matt Phillips cited this unreleased 4K version of the classic shooter as his all-time favorite easter egg. Of course, we can’t say that Phillips was impartial – the surprise in question he entered it.

In Homefront: The Revolution, parole sue, Matt Phillips ha messo TimeSplitters 2

If we go back to Homefront: The Revolution after TimeSplitters 2’s existence in the game was revealed several days ago, it’s because the rest of the original game can be played via a secret code. Apparently, however, the notepad on which Phillips had marked the cheat to be inserted has been lost. Thankfully, though, Xbox’s Spencer Perreault later tweeted the code in question, and subsequent community retweets did the rest. Of course, all of this remains perfectly legal: we talk about two games that both developers and IP holders share.

You can test the effectiveness of the cheat on all platforms for which the 2016 open world shooter is available: PC, PS4 ed Xbox One. For simplicity’s sake, the different modes of the classic FPS are divided between as many different codes. The tricks must be inserted near the appropriate cabinet. Waiting for a possible third chapter of the saga, for now we will have to make ourselves enough with everything we can get our hands on, we suppose.

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