HomePod, the launch is near according to Mark Gurman

HomePod, il lancio è vicino secondo Mark Gurman thumbnail

According to the Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple could present the new generation of HomePod very soon.

Apple’s new HomePods

The production of HomePod it was technically stopped in 2021. The reason for the stop in production is to be found in the factor sales: in fact, despite having managed to carve out a slice of loyalists, the revenues have never proved to be exactly rosy.

However Gurman appeared quite confident in announcing on Twitter that the Cupertino multinational should soon present the new generation of HomePod.

However, the journalist specified that he should not expect anything more than what has already been seen, if not a most competitive priceand upgraded touch control panel at the top and the chip A8. At most, the real novelty could be represented by its being a full-size.

What we have, therefore, is little and fragmentary information, which leaves more doubts than certainties. Yet even the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo he appeared quite confident in announcing the new HomePod line already in unsuspecting times.

Even Ming-Chi Kuo had hypothesized the launch of the new HomePods for the fourth quarter of 2022, expanding the time window until the first quarter of 2023. This latest forecast is very close to Gurman’s idea that Apple should present the next generation of smart assistants within March of this year.

Another coincidence, both the analyst and the journalist both agreed in stating that the new HomePods will be substantially devoid of particular innovations. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the motivation lies in Apple’s difficulties in thinking of a innovative product capable of distinguishing itself within the reference market and therefore outperforming the competition by achieving success.

In any case, the announcement should be imminent. It will probably already arrive during the next Apple event, when the company, according to some clues circulated in recent days, will announce the new generation of MacBook Pro 14 inch and 16 inch.