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The results of the EasyPark Group in 2022

EasyPark Group is the parking tech of the globally active parking that closed 2022 with a more than positive balance, also entering new markets.

EasyPark Group has never stopped growing

With a register of approximately 45 million users per year, EasyPark Group grew between 2018 and 2022 with a annual percentage of 60% it’s a increase in revenues pari al 45%. The result is also good in Italy, with a increase in transactions of 300%going from a presence in 280 Italian cities to 650.

Furthermore, despite a global increase in fuel and electricity prices, data from EasyPark shows a increase in stops paid for with the appa sign that more and more people are using this service to manage their parking.

In particular, in 2022 the stops made with the app increased as the number of users increased, while those relating to individual users remained in line with the 2021 data.

We can deduce that the use of apps for paid parking is constantly growing, with Northern European countries at the forefront of driving this trend. In fact in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo almost there totality of the inhabitants (90-95%) use a paid parking app.

In Helsinki, Finland, the percentage currently stands at 87% of the population, while Italy is seeing the number of users interested in using EasyPark and the like grow more and more: in Rome and Milan, in fact, nearly one in two users used a paid parking app compared to traditional methods, a figure that EasyPark expects to grow sharply in 2023.

EV charging increased by 190%

Not just paid parking: in 2022 EasyPark consolidated its partnerships with local and national operators for the electric car charging in several countries such as Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

In fact, the data has shown that more and more owners of electric vehicles prefer to rely on EasyPark to recharge their vehicles, with an increase in transactions in 2022 equal to 190% compared to the previous year.

In Sweden EasyPark has even managed to increase the availability of charging points of over the 30%.

EasyPark is not a simple parking app

With Parking Data as a Service (PDaaS), EasyPark provides a global overview of the supply and demand for parking in the city. In 2022, PDaaS development continued with partnerships in cities such as Aarhus in Denmark, Heidelberg in Germany and Westminster in the UK.

“For a city that wants to define itself livable, one aspect that should not be underestimated is the availability of parking. A theme that may appear simple, but which is instead complex” he declared Cameron Clayton, CEO di EasyPark Group.

“No one benefits from motorists who roam the streets looking for free parking: when too many cars circulate in the city more than necessary, the mobility and liveliness of the city itself is penalized. It is also an unnecessary cost in terms of fuel and emissions, both for the individual driver and for pollution. In a stressful situation, people may eventually even choose to park their car in an inappropriate way: a way that seems to solve the driver’s immediate problem, but which instead creates enormous problems for other citizens.

Most large cities have little or no ability to increase the number of car parking spaces. On the other hand, many metropolises have instead created pedestrian zones in urban centres. However, this does not solve the problem, it only moves traffic from one place to another. I dare say that when decision makers introduce car-free or no-parking zones they don’t always have a clear picture or plan of how the diverted traffic will affect the rest of the city.

Countries, municipalities and cities are under great pressure to find solutions to climate change. From this point of view, we at EasyPark together with the other operators in the mobility sector wish to provide our support. We have extensive experience and enormous knowledge of how cars move and park. We also have state-of-the-art algorithms that can predict what happens to mobility in a city as parking spaces are created, removed or changed, and new roads are built or removed.

At EasyPark we know that cars are part of a larger ecosystem. That’s why we offer “Parking Data as a Service”, where we collect data on road signs, or support cities in finding open data. For example, we can detect the location of bicycle stalls along the road, potholes and places for scooters. We are the only parking technology company gathering this holistic and valuable information to power our hub and algorithm with data, so cities and municipalities can make smart, effective decisions to make cities more livable.

An interesting area of ​​use for the collected data could be to determine where and when people park their cars, bicycles or scooters during the night. With this data, smart lighting systems could be optimized to save energy while also prioritizing additional safety measures for the public. This is just one of countless possibilities to explore, which could have a major impact on the safety, sustainability and management of cities of the future.

Our main goal and EasyPark Group’s vision is to make cities more livable. Cars will not disappear from our cities, at least not in the foreseeable future. The facts tell us that exactly the opposite will happen. Population is growing and as we travel more, so does our footprint. Cars will have to share city space with public transport, bicycles, pedestrians and scooters in a sustainable way. These means, together with restaurants, museums, libraries, shops, parks and above all people, make a city more livable”.

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