Honda SH350i 2022 two new colors arrive

Honda SH350i, il m.y. 2022 porta due nuove finiture più sportive thumbnail

Introduced in 2020, the new generation of the Honda SH350i scooter brought with it more power and a discreet restyling to adapt to current trends and times. For this reason, after two years, Honda has decided not to change anything from the technical point of view of its SH350i 2022but to add to the range only new finishes and colors which aim to strengthen the dynamic character of the model.

Honda SH350i Metallic Black Grey

Specifically, the new livery named Sporty is divided into two new colors: Pearl Falcon Grey e Metallic Blacky Grey, that flank those already in the price list, ovvero Mat Carnelian Red Metallic, Mat Ruthenium Silver Metallic, Pearl Cool White e Black. The two new color options include matte gray rims, fork legs, rear rack and engine covers, red stitching for the seat, red and gray stripes on the rims, as well as a red Honda logo on the front and one on the side.

Honda SH350i 2022, remains the proven 29 HP engine

As for the engine, the same unit is maintained compared to the 2020 model. We are talking about a four-valve block, air-cooled and with a power of 29 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 5,250 rpm. The engine is equipped with Honda Selectable Traction Control (HSTC): this system detects qany difference between the speed of the front and rear wheel, it calculates the slip percentage and then controls the engine torque by injecting petrol to recover traction from the rear wheel. The fuel consumption, with 30 km / l and a tank capacity of 9.1 liters, gives it a potential range of 270 km.

HONDA SH350i 2022 Honda SH350i Pearl Falcon Grey

Neither does the chassis part change, which is based on the update made in the model presented in 2021, where the diameters of the tubes, the thicknesses of the walls and the materials of the frame components have been revised. All to improve stability and comfort at high speeds, while saving 1 kg of weight. The scooter weighs 174 kg in running order, with the saddle placed at 805 mm from the ground. The brakes are disc brakes on both axles, 256mm at the front and 240mm with mandatory ABS. A standard 35mm fork is mounted at the front and two preload adjustable shock absorbers at the rear.

In terms of equipment, Honda SH350i 2022 retains the aluminum rear rack and framework Zoned LCD instruments. Obviously the system is maintained Smart-Key, which allows, without removing the electronic key from the pocket, all the usual functions, plus the opening and unlocking of the optional boot (but only the one proposed by the brand and not by third parties). Likewise, those wishing to customize their scooter will have a range of accessories available including a windshield, a set of hand covers, heated grips or a blanket.

The two new colors are expected in dealerships this month. To get them you will have to pay 100 euros more than the liveries already in the list, so we talk about a final price of 5.790 euro f.c.