HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC review: the best for an immersive experience

È appena nato un nuovo motore di ricerca evoluto e smart

In this review we will talk about the HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC, stick that ensures an immersive and very real experience

We consider ourselves very lucky to bring you this review, because we got our hands on a product truly exclusive, for few. In fact, in the review that we will see today, we will talk about theHoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC. It is a stick that promises (keeping its promises) one of the most realistic flight simulation experiences possible. Enough talk and let’s take a closer look at it.

Packaging and Unboxing | HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC review

The packaging is really well-kept, extremely protective and of nice appearance. The care that has been put into the packaging truly deserves applause. Inside each piece is absolutely solid and unable to move. The equipment is really very simple, the joystick is already practically ready for use, and consists of very few pieces: cable to connect the cloche at the base and the one to connect everything to PC. A hub is also included to use them simultaneously Bravo Throttle e Charlie Rudder Pedals in combination with this cloche.

Technical features

Let’s start with the abundance of switches and buttons available. On the left handle there is a switch a 8 vietwo vertical rocker and one button Push to Talk. In the right handle instead there are two horizontal switches and two buttons, one larger and one smaller. The shaft that supports the cloche is totally in metal with double linear ball bearings with a rotation of 180°.

In addition, in the part behind at the cloche, many switches are available including a 5-position spring switch and a panel with 9 switches.

To conclude the roundup of technical features we mention the universal panel mounting system that we will discuss later, the adjustable backlighting of the cockpit and the matte finish on the panel on the joystick. This stick is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, PC, Mac and connects to PC via a USB-C/USB (included in package). Software-side compatibility, on the other hand, is limited to these software: Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11 e Prepar3D.

Assembly and installation | HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC review

The assembly is really basic, as it consists of only two steps. First, the cable in endowment which connects the cloche with the rear part and then it will be necessary to fix everything on a desk. There are essentially two possibilities for doing this: the first is by means of black metal hooks (present in the package) which are attached to the desk in a vice; otherwise you can resort to a method that is certainly less invasive but, on the other hand, less stable. In fact, the lower part of the base in plastic is equipped with a sticker which can be used to fix the base on the desk. Personally I’ve always used i clamps which ensure one very firm grip. Then just fit the cloche and raise the rear feet to ensure stability.

Let’s move on to the actual installation. Included is, as previously written, a cable USB-C/USB which is simply connected to the back of the joystick, making sure that the switch is set to “PC”. After that the product will come recognized of course how external device and, in compatible games, it will be possible to directly benefit from all the command settings. For the lucky owners of multiple home peripherals HoneyComb (for example, who in addition to having the stick also has the pedals or the throttle), it is possible to use a hub, pluggable always on retro of the joystick, which will allow you to use everything simultaneously with only one USB cable to your PC or Xbox.

aesthetic impressions

Beyond the aesthetic side, which will still be analyzed and deepened, the first sensation that this product releases is that of extreme solidity. The materials, although plastic, are really well built, do not creak and do not tilt dangerously. The metal clamps are extremely robust, equipped with a threaded screw that truly adapt to any surface (of any thickness). Even the method of interlocking the cloche on the plastic base is really comfortable ed intelligent. From an aesthetic point of view, nothing to report, the colors are dark, with some touch Of rosso e bianco truly nailed it. The front bulkhead that lights up red (it is also possible to deactivate the lighting) when switched on is really spectacular. Not to mention the finish of the cloche, including the quality of the switch and all the keys, really studied and engineered properly.

User Experience | HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC review

As soon as I finished the assembly and installation I immediately rushed to download Flight Simulator. In fact, among the supported software, I thought it was the best for fama e realism. As soon as the download is finished and the game started, the stick is immediately recognized and is ready to be used. I strongly recommend that you adopt the command scheme that I insert below:

HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC review: the best for an immersive experience

Unfortunately there is no way to directly import a command profile, it will be necessary to modify command by command following the image above. The process is a bit long and, I won’t hide it, also a little boring. However it is ideal scheme for those who own only the cloche. In this way you will be able to fly an airplane in full autonomy, using very rarely the use of the keyboard and mouse. All the most important commands (throttle, brake, flaps etc.), in fact, will be at your fingertips directly on our joystick. The user experience was truly valuable, the response of the commands is lightning fast, the degree of realism is almost embarrassing. Even the slightest movements of the stick are faithfully reported in the game, thanks to the incredible realism that is donated by Flight Simulator.

On the other hand this HoneyComb was designed and developed in California by pilots and aerospace engineers to ensure a truly realistic flight simulation experience. The result is really crazy, even the reaction of the control stick to the pull and the pressure per lower and raise the muzzle are extremely realistic e faithful.

Dedicated software

HoneyComb provides users with dedicated software to customize the hardware functions within the program Of simulation. However this turns out to be a additional program, which is not needed in some simulation games. The software is supported by Windows 10 and macOS and compatible with Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D 3/4/5, X-Plane 11 e Microsoft Flight Simulator.

HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC review: the best for an immersive experience

Final conclusions | HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls XPC review

It goes without saying that we are faced with a high-priced product, which combines an arcade part, supported however by extreme realism and obsessive attention to detail. What comes out is a mature, solid and extremely performing product. The price, around €349.99, is certainly high, but on line with the quality of product. However, a cheaper version is available but is not compatible with Xbox.

I am convinced however that a passionate o one noob with the great passion of aviation will never be disappointed from a product like this. What do you think of this cloche? Let us know with a comment and keep reading TechGameWorld.com to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Plus points

  • Excellent build quality
  • Design and backlighting
  • PC/Xbox compatibility
  • Responsiveness and precision