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Hidden – Buried Truths: in cinemas from February 2, 2023

In the month of February there will be a film that will leave everyone breathless: “Hidden – Buried Truths”

The new year will offer many films, ready to entertain even the most demanding viewers. Among the various films to be released there is “Hidden – Buried Truths”, a breathtaking thriller which will make its film debut on February 2, 2023. Italian projection that sees how director Roberto D’Antona, which in turn also covers the role of actor. Everything seems to be normal in a small town until one does not wonder about the disappearance of several women; from then on he will go in search of the truth.

Let’s go, in detail, to discover the plot and the protagonists of the film.

Hidden – Buried Truths: plot, trailer and cast

In a small town, every inhabitant spends his life engrossed in the usual routineregardless of what is happening around, including the disappearance of several women. One day, however, one wonders whether these disappearances are not just a coincidence, but the result of brutal murders. From then on, citizens will live in fear and all the balances created up to then will risk collapsing. Therefore, the protagonists will begin to seek the hidden truthbut going towards something extremely dangerous, losing much more than you could imagine.

The film was shot in approx 7 weeks and involved three municipalities, one in Lombardy and two in Piedmont: Taino, Oleggio and Marano Ticino.

Now let’s move on to castwhich has several names. Among the protagonists figure Roberto D’Antona, director and actor. Alongside him many other artists, such as Annamaria LorussoFrancesco Emulo, Alex D’Antona, Giulia Mesisca, Rachele Gatti, Alberto Fumagalli, Stefano Tiraboschi and Rachele Crotti. Completing the team are Luca Gatta, Fabrizio Narciso, Nicole Blatto, Mirko D’Antona and Teresa De Nicolo.

To take care of music there is Aurora Rochez, for special effects e trick Paula Laneve. As regards the photography Stefano Pollastro was chosen, while as already mentioned, Roberto D’Antona took care of the direction, assisted by the assistant director Daniele Ciceri.

An intense film that will offer tension and twists, leaving every viewer in suspense, waiting to know the truth.

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