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Honeycomb annuncia Alpha Flight XPC

Honeycomb Aeronautical Announces Global Shipping of Alpha Flight XPC and Honeycomb Xbox Hub, Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC Brings Ultimate Aviation Immersion to the Comfort of Your Home

Honeycomb Aeronautical has just released Alpha Flight Controls XPC and, offers worldwide shipping. Alpha Flight XPC is compatible with Xbox Series X|S e PC Windows. Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC were designed and developed in California by aerospace pilots and engineers to ensure the most realistic flight simulation experience possible.

They bring the ultimate aviation immersion into the comfort of your home. It features a NEW design of the front grille, a full rotation of 180° with effect sensors Hall updated to provide smooth precision without center stop. The base includes a panel with main switch, alternator, avionics and lights, as well as an ignition switch a 5 positions spring loaded.

The left and right handles are equipped with 13 programmable buttons and switches for a fully customizable flight. Alpha Flight Controls XPC is available at the retail price of $349,99.

Honeycomb annuncia Alpha Flight XPC

Honeycomb Xbox Hub

The simultaneous release of Honeycomb Xbox Hub will allow holders of Bravo Throttle Quadrant and / or the next Charlie Rudder Pedals to use these devices in conjunction with the new Alpha XPC on Xbox Series X|S. Similar to the Alpha XPC, the Xbox Honeycomb Hub will offer the same shipping options and will retail at $39,99.

Additionally, the hub is compatible with Logitech USB flight throttle and rudder pedals to offer a price-conscious flight solution. The package Alpha XPC/Xbox Hub/Logitech Flight Throttle will be offered through retail partners for $429,99.

The words of Nicki Repenning

Nicki Repenningfounder and CEO of Honeycomb Aeronautical, says:

We have worked closely with Microsoft to implement compatibility with Xbox Series X / S and with the Microsoft Flight Simulator team to ensure that Alpha XPC, Bravo Throttle and Charlie Rudder Pedals via the Xbox Hub provide a plug and play experience. The yoke handle design has remained essentially unchanged from the outgoing Alpha, and all Xbox buttons have been discretely integrated to maintain an authentic aeronautical look. The yoke has also been updated with the new updated 12-bit Hall effect sensors, which increase the aileron and aileron sensor resolution by 400%. It features an updated panel design on the front of the base that also includes a new spring-loaded ignition key and Xbox buttons.

Honeycomb annuncia Alpha Flight XPC


  • The left handle features an 8-way hat switch, two 2-way vertical rocker switches, a push button and a Push to Talk button.
  • The right handle features two 2-way horizontal rocker switches, one large and one small button.
  • Solid steel yoke shaft with double linear ball bearings.
  • Rotation of the yoke by 180 °.
  • 5 position spring ignition switch.
  • Panel with a total of 9 switches.
  • Universal panel mounting system.
  • Adjustable cockpit backlight.
  • Smooth matte finish on the panel and main yoke.
  • Easy conversion between Xbox Series X | S and Windows PC.
  • New high-end 12-bit Hall effect sensors with 400% increased resolution.

For more information on Honeycomb Aeronautical visit the dedicated website. What do you think of this Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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