Voi Technology, pilot project to reduce scooters on sidewalks

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Voi Technology announces the launch of a pilot project in partnership with Drover AI, to use a computer vision solution that allows you to limit scooter rides in prohibited areas, such as sidewalks. Among the 13 European cities involved, there are the Italians Roma e Milano.

Voi Technology, project to reduce scooters on sidewalks

Using computer vision and machine learning, the Voi Technology in Rome and Milan they will be able to detect the type of road surface you are traveling on. This allows you to understand if you are traveling on pavements, with the relative risks for pedestrians.

With this technology, Voi Technology will be able to provide education to users, for example by sending users the rules of operation of the vehicle via email or app. Should the situation recur, it can then provide for various penalties, until access to the service is blocked. But he can also choose to rreduce the maximum speed of scooters on pavements, for instance.

Magdalena Krenek, General Manager of Voi Technology Italy he explains: “We are always looking for cutting-edge solutions to facilitate safe transport on sharing scooters. Working in collaboration with local administrations and with innovative companies such as Drover, Voi allows people to abandon the use of private cars whenever possible and to move around the city in a safer, more sustainable and efficient way ”.

In addition, this monitoring activity and the geofencing of Voi in the city will allow us to collaborate with the municipalities. By providing administrations with data on how users use the scooterswith the possibility of future thinking dedicated infrastructures.

All this will make traveling on Voi scooters even easier and, above all, safe. More information on the official website.