Honor and WGSN unveil the trends in fashion and technology

Honor e WGSN svelano le tendenze della moda e della tecnologia thumbnail

Honor, in collaboration with WGSN, unveiled the technological and fashion trends to keep an eye on to celebrate the launch of the new smartphone in the best possible way Honor 50. As highlighted by the brand, Monogram Mania and Tech Couture are experiencing a significant increase in their popularity. According to the findings of WGSN, consumers are heading towards 2022 by rewriting their lives with a behavior that is defined as “Everyday Extravagance”.

The comment of Honor and WGSN

Per Sarah Housley by WGSN; “Hungry for products and experiences that bring extravagance to everyday life, consumers are moving away from the” neutral “sensations that comforted them during periods of global lockdown, to increasingly aim for bright colors and patterns that fuel the themes of euphoria unrepentant and radical self-expression ”

In Italy, according to what was highlighted by WGSN, i monogram looks are one of the most relevant news. The growing demand for the monogram, highlighted by WGSN, the new Honor 50 smartphone has been designed with a range of stunning, runway-inspired colors. Among these solutions we find Honor Code, an innovative colorway that integrates the HONOR logo on the back.

According to Yuan Ze, Chief Designer of Honor, Honor 50: “breaks down the five letters and reconstructs them to create a new and holistic sequence of images that transmits an energetic and vibrant visual effect. This eye-catching design is unique to the smartphone industry, inspired by the latest fashion trends and a step up from the classic blacks and softer tones offered by other smartphone brands. “

The desire for vlogging is growing

Another element that emerged from the report is related to the metaverse and the creation of unique online identities. Today, in fact, consumers give more value to vlogging and the creation of digital resources to declare one’s identity. So, Honor points out, that the new Honor 50 comes with an advanced camera set-up which allows you to switch from the front to the rear camera with multivideo shooting mode.