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Honor Earbuds 2 Lite review, why spend more?

We tested the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite for this review and we were really stupid. They are not perfect. But detail-packed and clean audio, noise cancellation and most of all excellent call management make it the economic alternative ideal to many more expensive true wireless headsets. So the question is not whether they are good: I am. The point is: what are you willing to give up to spend less?

Honor Earbuds 2 Lite: our review

When Honor’s new headphones arrived, we were unimpressed. They seemed to us the now “classic” earphones with a look similar to that of the first AirPods (even if with the rubber pads). But once they were heard, our opinion changed dramatically. They are the kind of headset that we would recommend almost with our eyes closed. But when we opened our eyes for them light the retail price, eithermo were really stunned.

They don’t have “everything you need” ever. But they have what serves the vast majority of people. We tell you about our experience with the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite during the tests for this review. So you know if they are the right headphones for you.

Design and build quality

As we said, the look of the Honor headphones does not shine for originality. They have the shank cleared by Apple and now adopted by many companies. The pavilion, however, is quite large, to accommodate drivers from 10 millimeters. The rubber pads (which you can change for the larger and smaller ones in the package) are simple but the silicone it seems well made. And the same goes for the earphones themselves. Trying to flex them and forcing them we did not perceive any uncertainty or creak. They are well made, small and above all very light: only 5.5 grams.

But without giving up on ergonomics: they remain perfectly attached to the ear, even while doing some exercise in the gym. Different speech for the race: we didn’t crash but we felt less stable. But we can say this about any headset that is not born for runners, regardless of the price.

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The custody it too weighs very little, only 41 grams, and it is quite thin. Magnetic charging pulls the headphones into place with ease, the USB-C port is convenient to reach. Closed it also stands up on its own, which is never bad.

In general, we can say that it can be seen that Honor is not new to this type of devices. Build quality is excellent, the look is not very original but discreet enough to be elegant. Nothing exceptional, but we can say with certainty that it does not look like “cheap earphones”.

Honor Earbuds 2 Lite review: the sound quality

We wore these true wireless headsets with a little bit of skepticism: in our experience of reviewing this type of product, the “stem” headphones often sacrifice audio quality to handle calls better. But the adherence of the rubber pads to the ears gave us hope. And the sound did not disappoint.

We started listening to a Biggie Smalls classic, to test the i bass. That they are not particularly enveloping but decidedly powerfulthe. Even looking for tracks that hip-hop with a more dynamic sound, the power of the bass remains distinct. We then moved on to songs with a more complicated sound texture, from Sgt. Peppers’ Beatles to Frank Ocean. And to our huge surprise we found these headphones they are really rich in detail.

We have heard every instrument and every note even moving on to jazz and classical. We usually find this baggage so complete only in earphones designed especially for audiophiles. Compared to that type of product (which usually costs more or gives up something else, such as audio on call), the sound it is not so enveloping and soft. But it is a compromise that seems acceptable to us, especially considering the price.

By activating the noise canceling mode we found the sound more rounded, to our ear more appreciable (even if the difference is so small as to be subjective). They aren’t the best earbuds we’ve tried, but they definitely go to the podium for the sound quality / price ratio.

review of new honor-min headphones

Noise cancellation and audio on call

Speaking of noise cancellation, activating it is really simple. Just press for a couple of seconds on the stem of your headphones to switch between the standard mode, that in transparency e the ANC. As is always the case with wireless earphones, the difference isn’t huge. Don’t think you can’t hear the vacuum cleaner you are passing or the traffic on a city street, even when you turn up the volume (which goes very high). But if you are on the move (by scooter or by bike, for example), you will hear less wind noise.

If you tap the headset once, you can also answer calls. The first time we put the headphones on, we got a call in the middle of the first song and we answered like this in intuitive way. On the other hand, they didn’t even notice we were wearing earphones. And we did all day calling with the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite before writing it in this review – they’re great. Not great for the price, just great.

These earbuds don’t have a lot of extra features. There is the handy feature of the blocking the music by removing the headphones, then restart it when you reinsert the headset. But there is no possibility to forward the tracks, or to activate the voice assistant. We personally will gladly give up in exchange for excellent audio and call quality.

Honor Earbuds 2 Lite review: charging and battery life

The 55 mAh earphone battery promises up to 10 hours without ANC, 7.5 with. The 410mAh case should provide you with up to 32 hours of total playback. Results in line with our use (although we have to be honest and say we didn’t feel like listening to podcasts and music for ten consecutive hours). But you won’t be disappointed: the battery is enough and left for the use of just about anyone.

honor earbuds 2 lite review design-min

Charging with USB-C lasts just over an hour, while the headphones take about an hour to go from zero to one hundred. It is unlikely that you will be able to download them completely, unless you accidentally leave them on all night. They are always ready to use and your Bluetooth indicator should tell you when to charge the case.

Honor Earbuds 2 Lite review: are they worth buying?

Some users will not be thrilled with these headphones. Runners will want something more specific, those who want more rounded audio will want to spend more or forgo something else (and perhaps consider over-the-ear headphones). If you can’t do without Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, maybe you can look for something else.

But in this price range we have not tried a headset with more detailed audio, more precise controls and above all from the better call quality than Honor Earbuds 2 Lite we tested for this review. On Amazon they cost 99,90 euro, which makes them contenders for the title of best headphones under 100 euros ever. Highly recommended, if on discount they are practically a compulsory purchase.


  • Detail rich audio
  • Excellent quality in calls
  • Simple and precise controls


  • No voice assistant
  • Few touch controls
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