Long-term rental: the number of individuals who choose this solution is increasing

Long-term rental: the number of individuals who choose this solution is increasing. Let’s find out all the reasons for the choice

When it comes to changing cars, many people wonder what the right choice could be. Invest a good amount of money and buy a car you own, or focus on an alternative solution such as the long term rental rather than leasing.

It is the second la most popular solution over the last few years. If initially, it was mainly the prerogative of workers with VAT numbers, nowadays things have changed considerably and the number of individuals who opt for this type of proposal has risen exponentially, to the point that the advantageous aspects they are really numerous.

It should also be noted that, over the last few years, the number of platforms such as Carplanner.com that offer the possibility of long-term rental of electric cars and other vehicles directly on the web has increased considerably, without having to go to any business. physicist.

The advantages of long-term rental

Let’s try to find out what are the strengths that lead so many people to choose long-term rental. First, the fact that you can immediately have a car. Waiting for the production and delivery of the car that has been ordered, you can submit a specific request for a pre-assigned vehicle.

Another great advantage is linked to the fact that, over the last few years, the discounts and promotions that allow you to have increased take home a rental car at a very affordable monthly price. And it is precisely the economic aspect one of those that most frequently convinces people to choose this option.

Don’t forget the convenience of be able to count on the availability of a car ready for delivery, if you do not intend to wait for the timing related to the production and order of a new car. In fact, each company that deals with long-term rental offers a series of vehicles ready for delivery already equipped with every type of accessory and comfort.

Finally, another decidedly positive aspect is connected to the fact that it is possible very easily resell your used vehicle and take advantage of the sum that has been obtained as an advance, in such a way as to further lower the fee that must be paid once a month.

When it is useful to focus on long-term rental

Through the long-term rental formula there is the possibility of getting into possession of a new car, simply by paying a monthly fee which is predetermined and which includes all those cases that refer yes to the use of the vehicle, but also to all that wide range of ancillary services, such as insurance, but also roadside assistance or maintenance.

Many are wondering when it is actually worthwhile to choose long-term rental. In fact, the answer is that it’s not worth exploiting only if you travel at least 15,000 kilometers a year and if you don’t intend to keep up with all the various obligations that are connected to an owned car, such as remembering the deadlines related to insurance, road tax, worrying about insurance coverage and the breakdown service and much more. Not only that, since you work with a VAT number, then there is an additional advantage that is linked to the fact of being able to deduct the expenses that refer to the long-term rental and the related contract. Otherwise, if you have to drive less than 10,000 kilometers a year annually, your own car is probably the best choice.