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HONOR Magic4 Pro review of the new smartphone from HONOR

HONOR launches its new series Magic4 with three new models and the Pro in particular marks an important milestone for the company. With this smartphone, in fact, he will enter a part of the market that he had not yet explored, the so-called ‘high-end’. In short, a phone dedicated to those who have high demands for your device. Will it live up to these expectations? Let’s see it together in ours HONOR Magic4 Pro review.

HONOR Magic4 Pro, the review starts from a general look

First, let’s try to understand what instrument we have in front of us. It is a smartphone that aims to offer high-level power and performance. This is also thanks to the presence of 8 GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G to season everything. The promise is to have 20% improved performance on the CPU side and even 300% in terms of AI.

It can also boast a display LTPO Quad-Curved (on which we will go into more detail shortly) from 6.81 inches and ultra-thin bezels. This is to ensure a high-level visual experience also thanks to the HDR 10+ video source, as well as the smart refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz that provides optimal viewing by adapting to the content viewed.

Great attention was paid to the photographic sector, both from a technical and design point of view. There is in fact a triple camera that joins one 50MP wide angle (equipped with 1 / 1.56 inch color sensor), a 64MP telephoto lens it’s a ultra-wide 50MP. All three work together to create the best possible shots for users.

The battery also deserves a mention. Not only because it offers a decent capacity from 4.600mAh, but above all for its recharging capacity. Thanks to technology 100W HONOR SuperCharge allows you to return to 100% in a few minutes. Undoubtedly one of the features we were most curious to test. And this not only because the smartphone presentation evening was associated with a electrifying curare flower (which, however, made it definitely unforgettable).

A great first impression

honor magic4 for review 01

At first glance this HONOR Magic4 Pro impresses undoubtedly. The back is dominated by the presence of the camera in a design defined “Eye of the Muse“. Conceived with the idea of ​​a multiple symmetry, it is very pleasant to see and a simple but effective detachment from the lines we are used to in the field of smartphones.

Another distinctive aspect is the shell, rounded more at the edges than at the corners, which gives it a softer feeling in hand. After a first moment of adaptation (also due to the classic “emotion from a new phone“) Is absolutely comfortable to hold, even without a cover to cover it.

This design also has an impact on the display, as you can imagine, which is Quad-Curved, as mentioned above. The result is that of a screen that looks actually wider that fills our vision. Combined with his excellent lightingwhich makes it comfortable to use in a lot of light conditions (we checked carefully) is definitely promoted.

On the performance side, there is very little to say. The response is always immediate and fluid, even trying to put him under strain. This is an aspect that is easier to evaluate in the long run (if not very long) but in our test it has absolutely not disappointed us, as it should be for a smartphone of this level.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro review cannot ignore the battery

honor magic4 for review 02

We now come to one of the most important aspects of a telephone, at least for the writer (but certainly also for many of you): drums. Our increasingly hectic lives with the post-pandemic recovery and the upcoming summer demand good performance. HONOR Magic4 Pro convinced us properly, giving us what we need.

Despite the intense use in our tests, which also passed for quite hot days as you can imagine, this smartphone he managed the day quietly. We have never been in debt for energy and even if that had happened it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

Why yes, the charging speed promise we were talking about at the beginning of the HONOR Magic4 Pro review it is absolutely true. A very quick stop at the power socket is really enough to recover all the desired energy. In a quarter of an hour we will easily reach 70-80% ready to face hours and hours of movement.

Not only that, but this is true also for wireless charging with the appropriate base. You support it and in the time of an episode of a TV series (even a short one) you can already start again. The only flaw we noticed is that it is slightly noisy when it is in business, but nothing that is actually annoying or problematic.

HONOR Magic4 Pro, the review of the Eye of the Muse

Let’s move now toEye of the Musethe camera that adorns the back of this HONOR Magic4 Pro. We have already talked about its fascinating symmetrical design, but how functional is it actually? Well, the answer is quite a lot!

Already in the presentation event we had been anticipated how it was particularly convincing, with the testimonies of shooting professionals, but once we had it in hand we were able to verify that the performance is up to par. It cannot replace a mirrorless and is not necessarily the best option on the market, but as you can see from the gallery below, there are good reasons to rely on this HONOR Magic4 Pro in the reportage of our summer adventures.

The photographic sector offers the traditional package of functions to adapt to the conditions of our shooting, from the mode Night to that Portrait (which gives a nice bokeh with the front camera). Artificial intelligence is also a concrete help and has practically always been perfect in guessing our subjects.

If all this is not enough for us, we always have Pro mode available. Here we will be able to modify the different parameters of our photography with greater precision (but it naturally requires a certain skill). Again, it’s not a mirrorless, but if you don’t have a photo shoot for business will know how to satisfy you in total.

Look, like in the cinema!

It is worth carving out a little space of merit for the cinema mode, which allows you to make 4K Log video recordings at high frame rates. What does this mean? That we have the ability to get footage from the absolutely cinematic cut and captivating, but also that we will be able to intervene in a deeper way in post production with extraordinary effects.

In the gallery above you can see the concrete results of this mode. In fact, you find the same frame of the same movie, but seen through the different filters that HONOR Magic4 Pro makes available to us to edit the movie. As you can see the impact it can vary completely, offering extreme possibilities for transformation. With social media increasingly shifting to the video aspect, this is a feature that should not be underestimated!

The HONOR Magic4 Pro review is positive

In short, this HONOR Magic4 Pro it hit us a lot and it did not disappoint our expectations. It is a smartphone capable of satisfying the needs of a demanding palate, which also defends itself worthily in the photographic field. A great way to enter the high end of the marketboth for HONOR and for users who want to make the leap in quality.


  • Level performance
  • Functional and sufficiently new design
  • Awesome cinema mode
  • Fast charging even wirelessly


  • Slightly noisy wireless charging

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