Apple testa il Tap to Pay a Cupertino thumbnail

The “Tap to Pay” function arrives in the Apple Stores

The "Tap to Pay" feature arrives in the Apple Stores thumbnail

Just a few months ago Apple made available the “Tap to Pay“, Allowing merchants with an iPhone to accept payments directly from Apple Pay. A simple and quick system, which requires nothing more than the use of an Apple smartphone. Precisely for this reason, last week the Cupertino company introduced the option to theApple Park Visitor Center. And now he’s extending it to all US Apple Store.

Tap to Pay, the function available in all Apple Stores in the United States

Paying with “Tap to Pay” in the Apple Stores in the United States is possible. In this way, the Cupertino company challenges the mobile payment systems of companies like Square. And it does this by allowing customers to pay simply by using an iPhone with the latest iOS version. To reveal that the feature is about to be released in US stores is Mark Gurman, although he does not specify how long it will be made available everywhere. In any case, the feature will not be an Apple exclusive. Stripe, an online payment company, was the first to sign up to use the option. And developers will also be able to add the feature to their iOS apps.

On the other hand, we are talking about an incredibly useful function. In February, when it was announced, Jennifer Bailey – vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet – said that “‘it will provide businesses with a secure, private and easy way to accept contactless payments and unlock new payment experiences”. As for users, the option will be available on iPhone XS, iPhone XS MaxiPhone XR or later versions than 2018. In short, we are pretty sure that the payment system will be able to collect the success it deserves. On the other hand, such a simple way to pay cannot be appreciated. Especially inside an Apple Store.

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